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Paul Thompson Ed Rickers

Give a kid a choice between a textbook and a colorful, kid-friendly magazine and it won’t take him long to choose. Put the two together and you’ve got a winning combination: educational material that makes learning fun! CEO Ed Rickers is at the helm of a company that does just that.

Studies Weekly began in 1984 when 4th grade teacher Paul Thompson found no state history textbook to use in his class. He decided to write a state history “textbook” in a weekly magazine format, and Studies Weekly was born. Mr. Thompson was clearly onto something with this creative solution. His son-in-law, Ed Rickers, later joined the company.

With his background in marketing and sales, and a heart-felt desire to succeed in bringing a better education to America’s youth, Mr. Rickers was in a unique position to make a difference in the way educational materials were perceived. He saw an opportunity to build an innovative company and began hiring former teachers, editors, illustrators, graphic designers and web programmers as the company began to grow. The hard work and dedication of Mr. Rickers and his team is the foundation from which Studies Weekly's current success grew.

Today Studies Weekly publications are used in all 50 states and provide the advantages Mr. Thompson originally delivered: less preparation for teachers and more fun for students. The ultimate benefits are more time and greater learning.