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Paying It Forward liz Blog

Have you ever found money lying on the ground that didn’t belong to you? What did you do with it? Did you keep it? At first, Myles Eckert, an 8-year-old boy from Toledo, Ohio, thought about buying a new video game with the $20 he found in a local restaurant’s parking lot on Febraury 7, 2014.

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Is That a Tiny T.rex? liz Blog

Have you ever heard of a Tyrannosaurus rex? Or maybe you just know it as a T. rex? Chances are you’ve probably studied the giant, meat-eating dinosaur at school. But did you know it had a miniature cousin?

Scientists recently discovered fossilized skull bones from a “tiny T.

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Is That Rock...Growing? liz Blog

You can find rocks in many different places: Your backyard, the neighborhood park and along the sidewalk are just a few examples. Have you ever seen one of those rocks grow? The answer is “probably not,” unless you live in the small Romanian town of Costesti. Only in Costesti can you find

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Crossword Puzzle Turns 100! liz Blog

Do you love a challenge? Crossword puzzles offer a fun, sometimes frustrating, challenge for puzzle lovers everywhere. Finally coming up with the answer to a tough clue and finishing the crossword just might cause you to jump for joy.

The crossword puzzle recently celebrated it 100th

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Choosing an Olympic Host City liz Blog

Hosting the Olympics is an honor, but how does a city get chosen to host? The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the group in charge of choosing host cities. The process takes a long time, and cities are chosen about seven years before the games begin. That gives the city time to build

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