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The Concept
Studies Weekly combines an engaging student edition kids love with extensive teacher materials that expand and enrich the lessons. Because our publications are written to cover your state standards, there's more time to spend helping your students comprehend the information they need to know to be successful throughout their education. In many cases, Studies Weekly covers 100% of your state’s science core standards with less prep time than other formats. And each periodical contains fun and challenging activities that can be used for in-class assignments or sent home with your students as homework.

What’s Included
With your order of 10 or more subscriptions, you will receive a complete Teacher Resource Book filled with extension activities, guidelines and tips absolutely free. K-2 classrooms will receive a free poster sized “big” book of every issue, perfect for a front-of-the-class display and teaching aid. In addition to everything you and your students receive in print you will also receive access to Studies Weekly’s online materials. You will find quarterly Teacher Supplements, Activity Guides and even downloadable PDFs you can project on your smartboard. These online versions are accompanied by our very own Audio Reader system that can help students with their reading and even act as a facilitator for ESL (English as a Second Language) students. contains supplementary material such as images and video clips that correspond to each article. You will also find Student Assessments as well as an easy-to-use system to track your students’ progress.

Subject Matter
Our teacher/authors create each weekly lesson as a progressive learning tool that will help your students grow. Every lesson is designed to give your students a solid base to build their science education on. And Studies Weekly publications are standards based, giving your students the required information they need to raise their test scores.

An example of Studies Weekly’s progressive learning approach can be seen in the Science Studies Weekly units covering energy. Starting in the primary grades, students will learn how matter and energy interact. Students will also discover that energy can come in different forms, how heat can be produced in different ways and that all living things need energy in the form of food. As students progress through the grade levels they will be introduced to more complicated concepts such as how energy is transferred and transformed or how energy flows in different systems. By the time your students are in sixth grade they will be exploring both kinetic and potential energy as well as the different forms of energy including light, heat, electrical, chemical and nuclear.

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