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Texas Fourth Grade Magazines

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Fourth Grade Social Studies

Texas Studies Weekly

Core Social Studies
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Texas Studies Weekly

Texas Fourth Grade Social Studies Standards Coverage


Week 1: Where in the World Are We?–Part One

TEKS.b.6.A, TEKS.b.6.B, TEKS.b.7.A, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.9.C, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.B, TEKS.b.12.C

Week 2: Where in the World Are We?–Part Two

TEKS.b.6.B, TEKS.b.7.A, TEKS.b.7.B, TEKS.b.7.C, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.12.B, TEKS.b.13.B, TEKS.b.15.C, TEKS.b.17.C, TEKS.b.17.E, TEKS.b.20.B

Week 3: We The People–Constitution and Citizenship Day Special Issue

TEKS.b.3.A, TEKS.b.15.A, TEKS.b.15.B, TEKS.b.15.C, TEKS.b.18.A

Week 4: The First People in Texas

TEKS.b.1.A, TEKS.b.1.B, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.10.A

Week 5: American Indian Groups of Texas–Part One

TEKS.b.1.A, TEKS.b.1.B, TEKS.b.1.C, TEKS.b.1.D, TEKS.b.21.A

Week 6: American Indian Groups of Texas–Part Two

TEKS.b.1.A, TEKS.b.1.B, TEKS.b.1.C, TEKS.b.1.D, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.9.B, TEKS.b.10.A, TEKS.b.14.A, TEKS.b.21.A

Week 7: American Indian Groups of Texas–Part Three

TEKS.b.1.A, TEKS.b.1.B, TEKS.b.1.C, TEKS.b.1.D, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.9.B, TEKS.b.10.A, TEKS.b.14.A, TEKS.b.21.A


Week 8: Europe Discovers the “New Land”

TEKS.b.1.B, TEKS.b.2.A, TEKS.b.2.B, TEKS.b.21.A

Week 9: Spanish Explorers Begin Their Quest

TEKS.b.2.A, TEKS.b.2.B, TEKS.b.2.C, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.19.C

Week 10: La Salle in Texas

TEKS.b.2.A, TEKS.b.2.B, TEKS.b.2.C, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.14.B, TEKS.b.19.C

Week 11: Spanish Colonization Begins with a “Mission”

TEKS.b.2.A, TEKS.b.2.C, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.9.C, TEKS.b.10.A, TEKS.b.14.A, TEKS.b.14.B, TEKS.b.16.A, TEKS.b.19.C

Week 12: Anglo-Americans Arrive

TEKS.b.2.A, TEKS.b.2.B, TEKS.b.2.C, TEKS.b.2.D, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.9.B, TEKS.b.10.B, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.12.F, TEKS.b.14.B

Week 13: Anglo-Americans Keep Coming

TEKS.b.2.B, TEKS.b.2.D, TEKS.b.3.B, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.9.B, TEKS.b.10.B, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.12.F, TEKS.b.14.B, TEKS.b.15.A, TEKS.b.19.A, TEKS.b.19.B, TEKS.b.19.C

Week 14: Unrest in Texas

TEKS.b.2.D, TEKS.b.3.A, TEKS.b.12.F, TEKS.b.14.B, TEKS.b.15.A, TEKS.b.16.D


Week 15: Texas Declares Independence

TEKS.b.3.A, TEKS.b.3.C, TEKS.b.15.A, TEKS.b.16.B, TEKS.b.16.C, TEKS.b.16.D

Week 16: The Texans Surprise Santa Anna

TEKS.b.3.A, TEKS.b.3.C, TEKS.b.15.A, TEKS.b.16.A, TEKS.b.21.C, TEKS.b.21.D

Week 17: The Republic of Texas

TEKS.b.18.B, TEKS.b.3.B, TEKS.b.3.E, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.17.A, TEKS.b.17.C, TEKS.b.18.A

Week 18: Texas is Annexed

TEKS.b.3.C, TEKS.b.3.D, TEKS.b.3.E, TEKS.b.4.D, TEKS.b.17.C, TEKS.b.18.A, TEKS.b.21.A

Week 19: Annexation Leads to the Mexican War

TEKS.b.2.D, TEKS.b.2.E, TEKS.b.3.D, TEKS.b.3.E, TEKS.b.6.A, TEKS.b.6.B

Week 20: Texas Joins a Divided Nation

TEKS.b.2.E, TEKS.b.4.A, TEKS.b.4.D, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.10.B, TEKS.b.11.A, TEKS.b.11.B, TEKS.b.11.C, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.B, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.22.C, TEKS.b.23.B

Week 21: A New Era in Texas

TEKS.b.4.A, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.12.F, TEKS.b.15.A, TEKS.b.16.A, TEKS.b.16.D, TEKS.b.17.A, TEKS.b.19.B, TEKS.b.21.D


Week 22: Farming and Ranching in Texas

TEKS.b.4.B, TEKS.b.5.B, TEKS.b.5.C, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.9.C, TEKS.b.11.C, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.B, TEKS.b.13.B, TEKS.b.20.A, TEKS.b.20.B, TEKS.b.21.A, TEKS.b.23.A

Week 23: Railroads in Texas

TEKS.b.4.C, TEKS.b.4.D, TEKS.b.5.A, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.11.A, TEKS.b.11.B, TEKS.b.11.C, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.12.E, TEKS.b.12.F, TEKS.b.13.A, TEKS.b.13.B, TEKS.b.13.C, TEKS.b.20.B, TEKS.b.20.C

Week 24: Spindletop Blows!

TEKS.b.4.B, TEKS.b.5.A, TEKS.b.5.B, TEKS.b.5.C, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.9.B, TEKS.b.9.C, TEKS.b.11.B, TEKS.b.11.C, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.B, TEKS.b.12.D, TEKS.b.13.A, TEKS.b.13.B, TEKS.b.13.C, TEKS.b.20.A, TEKS.b.20.B, TEKS.b.20.C, TEKS.b.21.E

Week 25: Progress in Texas

TEKS.b.18.B, TEKS.b.4.B, TEKS.b.5.A, TEKS.b.5.B, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.11.B, TEKS.b.11.C, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.D, TEKS.b.12.E, TEKS.b.12.F, TEKS.b.13.A, TEKS.b.13.B, TEKS.b.13.C, TEKS.b.20.A, TEKS.b.20.B

Week 26: Texas in the Twentieth Century and Beyond

TEKS.b.4.B, TEKS.b.5.A, TEKS.b.5.B, TEKS.b.8.A, TEKS.b.9.A, TEKS.b.11.B, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.B, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.12.E, TEKS.b.12.F, TEKS.b.13.A, TEKS.b.13.B, TEKS.b.17.C, TEKS.b.17.D, TEKS.b.18.A, TEKS.b.19.C, TEKS.b.20.A, TEKS.b.20.C, TEKS.b.21.A, TEKS.b.21.E

Week 27: Texas–Many Cultures, One State

TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.10.A, TEKS.b.10.B, TEKS.b.12.A, TEKS.b.12.C, TEKS.b.16.D, TEKS.b.17.B, TEKS.b.19.A, TEKS.b.19.B, TEKS.b.19.C, TEKS.b.21.A

Week 28: Six Flags Over Texas

TEKS.b.2.A, TEKS.b.2.B, TEKS.b.2.C, TEKS.b.2.D, TEKS.b.2.E, TEKS.b.3.B, TEKS.b.4.A, TEKS.b.8.B, TEKS.b.8.C, TEKS.b.10.A, TEKS.b.14.B, TEKS.b.16.A, TEKS.b.16.B, TEKS.b.16.C, TEKS.b.21.B, TEKS.b.21.C, TEKS.b.22.D, TEKS.b.22.E

Common Core

K-5 Required to Read 50% Informational Text - Meet or exceed the 50% Informational Text requirement in your state with Studies Weekly. Teach CCSS-aligned Social Studies and Science content during your literacy block!

Staircase of Complexity - Lexile levels gradually increase over the course of each grade level. We provide researched-based lesson plans with scaffolding/differentiated instruction so that all students succeed.

Text-Based Answers - Students are required to write about what they read, perform additional research, cite sources and consider other points of view. Assessment questions require students to recall, examine and analyze the text they have read.

Writing from Sources - Students will develop research and media skills using primary and secondary sources. We provide 2.0 digital tool suggestions for creating online products like videos, avatars, posters and slide shows.

Academic Vocabulary - With domain-specific vocabulary for each lesson, our lesson plans help you teach students how to determine the meaning of unknown words within a text (CCSS for ELA RI.4).

Computer-Based, Machine-Scored Assessment for Grades 3-5 - Online assessment is provided at With instant analysis, including pie charts for every question, you.ll identify where re-teaching or additional test-taking strategies are needed.

Visit the Studies Weekly Blog to learn more about integrating Common Core Standards into your classroom.

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