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Resources & Tools

Studies Weekly Student Magazines

Studies Weekly is a simple and cost-effective way to teach vital subjects to your K-6 students. In as little as one hour per week, you can cover all your state standards using a focused and engaging publication students love.

Pass out Studies Weekly to your class and watch the students light up as they devour their very own weekly newspaper.

Every Studies Weekly student edition is available to download in PDF format. Project them onto a screen to allow your class to read and work together!

Teacher Supplements

Studies Weekly student magazines are designed to work alongside comprehensive teacher resources that will make your job easier with helpful lesson plans, weekly quizzes, extension activities, and state-mandated standards documentation. Preparation time is reduced to almost zero with the Studies Weekly teaching program.

Online Teacher Resources

Get the most from our assessment-driven instruction. Download and print assessments, teacher supplements, resource books, answer keys, graphic organizers, and more directly from your own PC!

Are you required to document the state standards you teach? Just click your state and grade level at our web site for complete, Year-at-a-Glance curriculum maps. We even list the standards not covered for your planning convenience!

Allow your students access to the electronic version of everything they receive in print. Save time with online assessments, develop skills with audio readers, and monitor your students’ test results with instant reports. Send every parent their child’s online homework assignment with one click of a mouse.

Imagine reading practice with core social studies and science standards—it’s like having a reading tutor for each developing reader! Students can hear the articles read to them and see the words light up in sync. Look for the Audio Reader icon on your favorite Studies Weekly publications.