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Studies Weekly is a customized, standards-based curriculum founded on deep learning strategies designed to increase student knowledge, skills, and dispositions for well-being.

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The Studies Weekly standards-based curriculum applies an Integrated Learning approach to education. The combination of printed weekly units and web-based primary source media, audio reader and other features create a high level of Student Engagement. Teacher-created lesson plans include rigorous and relevant assessments, word study, writing prompts, reading strategies (modeled, shared, guided, and independent), and much more. Our products foster Critical Thinking Skills that help develop a new generation of Responsible Decision Makers.

We create engaging learning experiences that inspire human hearts and profoundly impact millions of students. As curriculum creators, we live by the motto that Standards Inform, and Stories Inspire.


Paul David Thompson
May 18, 1936 – July 4, 2013

Studies Weekly began in 1984 when fourth-grade teacher Paul Thompson needed a state history textbook to use in his class. He decided to write his own state history textbook — in a weekly magazine format — and Studies Weekly was born.

Ed Rickers

With his background in business and a heartfelt desire to improve education, Ed Rickers is in a unique position to change how students learn social studies and science.

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2018 TAA Most Promising New Textbook: Mississippi Studies Weekly
2019 TAA Textbook Excellence: Oklahoma Studies Weekly
2019 TAA Most Promising New Textbook: New Mexico Studies Weekly

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