We are excited to announce three new Studies Weekly Online features that will make things easier. These features were inspired by feedback we’ve received from teachers, so we hope these changes improve your user experience.

Monitor Article Question Reports from Your Teacher Account

Now you can access and monitor Article Question Reports without having to go through a student’s account. Here’s how:

Step 1: Select a Weekly Unit.

Step 2: Click the “Article Reports” tab on the right side of the blue navigation bar.

Studies Weekly Article Question Report

Step 3: Select the “Article Questions ” option from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Choose a class and student.​

The report will automatically show you all students from all your classes. Use the filters on the left side to select a classroom to see the student list for that class. Then, select a student to see their article question report.

Step 5: Review the student’s Article Question Report​

The student’s Article Question Report shows the Issue Title, the student’s name, how many times they attempted to answer each question, if they got it right, how many coins they earned for that question as well as how many coins they earned total.

Reset the student Article Question Report.

To give the student a chance to answer the questions again, click the Reset button under the student’s name. A confirmation alert will pop up. Click the red Yes, Reset Article button.

Once the article question report is reset, you will not see the student’s answers to the questions, the coins they earned for that issue or each individual question.

Reset student Article Question Report.

Resetting the article questions will give the student the chance to earn more coins. Resetting the questions should not remove coins from the student’s total amount.

Step 7: Select a Different Class

Select a classroom using the dropdown menu on the left.

From a student’s report, you can select a different class from the dropdown menu on the left. When you select a class, the report will automatically update and show results for the first student listed for that class.

NOTE: When you select an empty classroom, a notification will pop up saying there are no students in that class.

Notification of no students in classroom.

Export Tool for Student Test Scores

This new feature allows you to download students’ test scores as a CSV file. You can then use that file to put the test scores in a document or spreadsheet format.

Step 1: Select the “Test Scores” tab on the blue navigation bar.

Step 2: Under “Bulk Actions” heading, select “Export to CSV button.”

Step 3: Open the CSV File​

Once the CSV file downloads to your computer, open it using a word processor or spreadsheet software program.

Search Using Spanish Filter

Now you can search Studies Weekly Online for a specific topic in Spanish using the search bar.

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