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How to Assign and Edit Online Tests

The Studies Weekly online platform offers you many ways to assess students’ progress.

After every weekly unit, there is an assigned test. These tests are located on Studies Weekly Online and can be edited and assigned through your teacher account.

Before your students take the unit test, they can prepare for it by doing the comprehension questions listed at the end of each article. Students can answer these questions to earn coins to use in our online games.

Once your students have completed the practice questions and have finished the week’s final lesson, then they are ready to take the test.

Accessing the Test

Assign and edit testsTo activate the test, simply select the publication you are using. This will then take you the list of all the weekly units. Find the week you are working on. When you toggle the “Activate Test” button from red to green, your students will now have access to the test.

As your students take the test, their answers are automatically saved, so they don’t need to worry about losing their progress.

Editing Tests

All unit tests come ready-made, but you can also edit tests to customize them to your class needs. To edit a test, find that option in the gear-shaped menu under “Actions.”

Editing Tests online

You can edit all of the ready-made questions. Simply click the “edit” button below the question, and change its question and answers. You can also determine which option will be the correct answer.

If you decide to keep the original question instead, you can always click, “Reset Question.”

At the top of the test, you will see the option to add a new question. When you select that button, you can choose the type of test question you need from options in the drop-down menu.

Assigning and editing tests online

Allowing Retakes

Assign and edit testsIf a student needs to retake a test, go back to the list of weeks. On the week they are working on, select “Test Scores” from that gear-shaped menu under “Actions.”

Studies Weekly Online platformIn the Test Scores tab, click on the student’s name on the left-hand side. Then click on the “Allow Retake” option below their name.

When in the Test Scores tab, click on the student’s name on the left-hand side. Then click on the “Allow Retake” option below their name.

You also have the option of letting the whole class retake the test. If you select the checkbox left of the first name category, it will select every student. From there, select “Allow Retake.”

When students log into their online accounts and click on that week, they will find a test available for them to take, or specifically, to retake.

Refreshing Comprehension Questions

Multiple classes in Studies Weekly Online

Teachers who have multiple classes can refresh their answers so that a blank set is ready for the next class. You can do this by clicking the drop-down menu on the top right-hand corner and selecting “Clear Progress.”

From there, all you have to do then is refresh the page and you’re good to go!

Monitoring Student Progress

You can monitor how your entire class is doing on each test, and see where there are holes in their knowledge.

To access this, look for the “Test Statistics” on the menu above each weekly unit. When you click it, you’ll open up a page with a chart that gives you an overview of how students did on the recent test. If needed, you can reteach missing skills or knowledge, allow retakes for better understanding, etc.

Multiple classes in Studies Weekly OnlineIf you are not using the Google Classroom integration with Studies Weekly, you can also monitor students with the Studies Weekly Online Gradebook.

Learn more and get the most out of your Studies Weekly Online account!

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