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Studies Weekly Spotlight: Amy Miner, Chief Curriculum Officer

Studies Weekly’s new chief curriculum officer, Dr. Amy Miner, is zealous about integrated deeper learning.

Studies Weekly Chief Curriculum Officer
Amy Miner, Chief Curriculum Officer at Studies Weekly

To hear her talk about hands-on, student-centered learning is to get excited about teaching. And that is her goal.

“My passion is working with teachers to streamline their efforts, and align practice and products so they can get to the real work of impacting students,” she said.

Miner has been in the education field for more than 20 years as a classroom teacher, education consultant, curriculum director and a university professor. Her work centers on three key elements of education: integrated learning, deep learning, and training teachers through professional development.

This clarity and focus resulted from an experience she had in Colorado when she was asked to create a curriculum based on the regions of the United States for fourth grade students. Through an integrated approach and working with parents and students, what started as an ordinary text-book based unit about geography resulted in an arts-based production exploring the art, dance, music, storytelling, geography and history of the regions of the United States. It also showed the students their personal connections to Ellis Island and how their own ancestors had settled in these various regions.

This experience, combined with her academic research on deep learning and time spent working with amazing mentors, K-16 students and teachers around the country, helps Miner bring a new focus to Studies Weekly.

“I love the idea of impacting students and teachers on a larger scale through a product that meets needs that are not currently being met,” she said of joining the company.

She has four main priorities for moving Studies Weekly offerings forward.

“My first priority is to ensure our products align with the commitments we have to standards-based curriculum,” she said.

Second, she is working on creating collaborative teams within the curriculum department that will focus on creating a solid, rigorous product to launch students into deeper learning.

“In addition to creating high quality products, I want Studies Weekly to address ongoing needs of students and teachers, including addressing well-being and deep learning through Tier 1 instruction,” she said.

As part of that, her third priority is to ensure research-based strategies inform every aspect of the production process.

“Fourth, I want to create a seamless pipeline from production to professional development, in which key stakeholders from various states create, facilitate and implement our product,” she said.

She is working closely with the company’s leadership to create and update these processes because she knows it will ultimately help teachers and students across the nation.

When she’s not getting people motivated about teaching, you can find her snow skiing, camping, hiking and biking. She loves traveling and attending musicals, but also enjoys curling up with a good historical fiction novel.

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