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More User Updates to Studies Weekly Online

When you order Studies Weekly, you get an innovative, hands-on social studies or science curriculum packaged in easy-to-use, fun, and engaging periodicals. We love how much students get excited about our unique print product, and we work every day to improve it page by page.

We also consistently work every single day to improve the user experience of Studies Weekly Online, our robust platform that supports and extends the printed publications with 100,000s of primary source video, audio, and images.

Here are the latest updates to Studies Weekly Online:

Studies Weekly Test Questions listed as 1, 2, 3


Simpler Article Question Titles

After feedback from educators, we changed the titles next to the questions under each article. Instead of listing them as “Easy,” “Medium,” or “Hard,” the questions are now simply listed as 1, 2 and 3.

We realize the previous question titles could create stress for students. And really, something that might seem hard for one student may be easy for another, and vice versa, so we don’t want to be the one making those distinctions.

More Unit and Test Control for Teachers


We know you need to cover all your state’s standards, but you need to do it in a way that makes sense for your classroom.

So now you can toggle on and off entire units, not just week by week.

This gives you more flexibility in your year planning, and in how your students access and use Studies Weekly Online.

Also, in addition to the ability to pick and choose which weeks have tests, you can toggle on and off all tests across all the weeks with one switch.

Again, this gives you freedom to use Studies Weekly the way you need it in your classroom, without extra distractions for your little wiggly ones.

Studies Weekly Online toggling
Toggling with Studies Weekly Online

District Utilization Reports

This update is for our principals and curriculum directors. With the newly redesigned District Utilization Report tab, administrators can quickly see how their teachers are using Studies Weekly Online.

Studies Weekly Online District UtilizationThe main page will show:

•  A list of schools in a district

•  The number of students registered in that school

•  The number of student logins

In that righthand column, administrators can dial down into the data and see how many times students have logged into Studies Weekly Online year over year, and even week over week. This allows better monitoring of usage on the school-wide or district-wide level.

Further, when you click on a school name, you can see how many students are using Studies Weekly Online. You can also see:

Studies Weekly Online

•  How many times teachers have logged in this year versus last year

•  How many times teachers have logged in this week versus last week

•  How many times their students have logged in this year versus last year

•  How many times their students have logged in this week versus last week

School districts across the nation are moving to a blending learning model where students move seamlessly through online and offline sources. Studies Weekly’s online platform paired with our weekly periodicals leads in facilitating the future of learning.

To learn about additional technology integrations offered through Studies Weekly Online, read more at our post, “New Year, New Features.”

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