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Studies Weekly Social Studies Adopted in Oklahoma

We’ve been adopted again!

The Oklahoma State Department of Education recently adopted Studies Weekly Social Studies publications for use in all K-5 classrooms for the next six years. This follows our successful Oklahoma adoption that ran from 2013 to this year.

Studies Weekly is a customized, standards-based curriculum founded on deep learning strategies designed to increase student knowledge, skills, and dispositions for well-being. Every lesson is based on knowledge — what we want students to know as a result of instruction; skills — what we want students to do as a result of instruction; and dispositions — what we want students to become.

We completely updated and redesigned our print product with new articles and images for the 2020 Oklahoma adoption, and increased the number of weekly units to 32. Studies Weekly’s K-5 publications are 100% aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards for Social Studies.

For this adoption, we also added multiple ELA strategies to support the Oklahoma Academic English Language Arts Standards. Studies Weekly is also committed to cultural literacy and inclusion efforts. All of our Oklahoma articles were reviewed through multiple perspectives and narratives.

The 2020 Oklahoma publications are:

• Kindergarten: My Community Studies Weekly–Family, Class & School

• First Grade: The World Around Me Studies Weekly–My Place in Time & Space

• Second Grade: Oklahoma Studies Weekly–Our Region

• Third Grade: Oklahoma Studies Weekly–Our State

• Fourth Grade: Oklahoma Studies Weekly–Our Nation

• Fifth Grade: Foundations of America Studies Weekly–Past and Present

Studies Weekly’s research-based curriculum incorporates inquiry-based opportunities, which challenges students to read critically and interpret information from multiple perspectives. As they explore essential questions related to past and present civic issues, they gain in-depth knowledge of history.

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About Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly began in 1984 when fourth-grade teacher Paul Thompson needed a state history textbook to use in his class. He decided to write his own state history textbook — in a weekly magazine format — and Studies Weekly was born.

For over 30 years, Studies Weekly has applied an integrated and balanced approach to education by encouraging educators to teach social studies content through the literacy block.

Our student-friendly periodical format combines with a robust online learning platform that includes engaging articles, primary source documents, and over 100,000 photos, videos, and related media. Our publications impact millions of students nationwide to become critical thinking and responsible decision makers.

To learn more about Studies Weekly, visit our website for product information and to see how we can support you as you make a difference in the lives of your students!

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