Announcing the Studies Weekly Rewards Program for Teachers

We know that teachers often spend personal money on school supplies and classroom materials each year. That’s the motivation behind starting the new Studies Weekly Rewards Program.

What it is:

This is a chance to earn small rewards for doing what you already do — telling other teachers how much you love using Studies Weekly in your classroom.

How it works:

If you are using Studies Weekly, you are automatically enrolled to earn rewards with our company.

1. Sign into your Studies Weekly store account at: Once you’re logged in, you can find the rewards page by clicking on your name and then going to My Rewards Points in the Account Dashboard on the left.

Rewards Program help

2. Go to the Share and Save tab.

Teacher Rewards Program help

3. Copy the referral code that is in the highlighted box. In the box below that, you can also customize the message on your referral page.

Teacher Rewards Program helps


4. Paste your referral code in an email and send it to a colleague, so they can use it for their purchases. Or under the My Referrals tab, you can email multiple colleagues at once.
When fellow teachers purchase online using your referral code, you automatically earn 3% in rewards points.

5. The more colleagues you refer, the more rewards you get. You start at the Bronze Level, but if 10 other teachers use your referral code to purchase Studies Weekly for their classroom, you’ll hit the Silver level. Then you’ll earn 5% for every referral purchase.

Successfully refer 30 teachers, and you’ll hit Gold status, and you’ll be earning 10% in rewards points.

Using your rewards:

Here’s the best part. All those points equal money! You can use your rewards to purchase more Studies Weekly products for your own classroom. But of course, we know the world does not revolve around us, so you can also cash in your rewards for a $25 or $50 Amazon card, and spend it on anything you need at

This program is exclusively for teachers using the Studies Weekly online platform and only works for online purchases through the store.

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