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Teacher Professional Development Made Easier

We have mentioned some notable changes to our online tools over the last couple of weeks. We wanted to make online student reporting easier, have functions that made testing students simpler, and revamped our teacher professional development site for better usability. The following elements on our site were updated and went live February 1:

If you have logged in to your teacher account on Studies Weekly lately, you might have noticed some small changes to our Professional Development page. Hopefully with these changes, it will be much easier for you to complete your professional development hours.

Here is a brief summary of the changes.

Teacher Professional Development Link Moved

The teacher Professional Development Training link is now front and center for your convenience. You can’t miss it! Start logging those hours! 🙂

Studies Weekly PDOD

Module Viewing and Downloading

You’ll notice a few changes to the modules on the PD Training page. First, if you click on the module itself, it will launch right in your browser. Alternatively, we have provided a download link in the bottom right corner of each module to download and view later.

Filter by Type

Filter your results under “Show only these types” at the top of the site. Clicking on one of these options will eliminate that option from your filter. Click on the other two options to narrow down your filter to the one you want.


You can perform a search using the search box on the upper lefthand side. Note that the search box in the upper right will search the entire Studies Weekly site. The one on the left will search Professional Development files only.

If you have any questions or need help setting up your account, contact us on our site or reach out on social media (Facebook or Instagram). We’re always here to help.

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