Using Your Teacher Resources and Other Materials

Each of our publications has corresponding teacher materials designed for it, including a teacher resource that includes assessments, lesson plans, printable worksheets, answer keys, etc. This resource is included on all orders of 10 or more student publications.

What You’ll Find Inside

Within the teacher resource booklet, each week is filled with detailed descriptions, explanations, and references for the lesson. It provides a list of vocabulary words and theme words for the class to know. In addition, it suggests alternate literature and websites to browse for further information and resources. It even offers a summary of what students have learned prior and what they were taught the previous year. The booklet then lists the week’s objectives and provides guided questions for each section within the week.

Our goal is to make sure teachers are spending less time planning and more time teaching.

Accessing The Teacher Supplement Online

You can also access the teacher resource through your account online at The online platform also includes additional resources including: standards correlations, primary source documents, teaching ideas, virtual field trips and more.

1. In the blue menu bar select the Reading tab.

Studies Weekly online

2. Select your publication icon from the list available. You may also select the week you are working on. This provides more resources to you than if you were simply on the publication.

3. Scroll down past all weeks to the Resources tab found at the bottom.

Studies Weekly

4. Find the quarter you are interested in viewing.

5. You may choose to View the file online or download it to your computer. PLEASE NOTE: All password protected PDFs will be encrypted with your login email address as the password.

If you don’t already use Studies Weekly, visit our website to learn more.

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