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Background Knowledge:

Students will learn what data is and how to measure, keep track of, and organize information. Use this lesson to help students see that science and engineering go beyond school and that data is relevant in all careers.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Have the students read the articles Data and Graphs. Then, with a partner look at each graph in the article. As a class, have them ask and answer questions using the data.
  2. Next, use a set of collected data from the class to create each of these types of graphs as a class. The data could be eye color or favorite book, food, or sport. Optional: Students can create these graphs together as a class, or you can divide them into three groups and have each group create one of the graphs.
    1. Teach students about the x-axis and y-axis on the bar and line graph.
      Be sure to talk about labeling each part of the graph.
    2. Discuss how the type of graph shows the information differently. Remind them that it’s the same information shown a different way depending on what you want to know.
  3. Invite students to complete the graphic organizer Big Feet, Little Feet, then measure their own feet first. Optional: After students complete the graphic organizer, create a class graph and have them answer the following questions.
    1. How big are your classmates’ feet?
    2. What is the average size of feet in your class?
    3. What is the smallest size?
    4. What is the biggest size?
  4. Have students complete the “Let’s Write” activity or answer one of the well-being questions.
Think Deeply:

How do athletes use data to help them improve?

  • What kind of data can your friends gather to tell them what kind of friend you are?
  • What kind of data can help you make decisions about how to treat others?
  • What can you do to balance your responsibilities?
Let’s Write:

What do scientists do to help them understand the data they collect? Why is keeping track of data important?

Materials Used:

Rulers or tape measures

Graphic Organizers:

Big Feet, Little Feet

Studies Weekly Graphic Organizer Big Feet Little Feet

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