Studies Weekly Extended Support Package

School districts and teachers have a lot of responsibilities and problems to deal with. The 21st century and recent pandemic crisis have added another hurdle – technology.

In addition to setting up their physical classrooms, teachers now must figure out complicated processes of setting up their digital classrooms, connecting the dots between various software programs, and learning a bunch of tech-related information on the go. Even with these added responsibilities, everyone expects teachers to perform at the highest level of proficiency but often forget how much they do behind the scenes.

Studies Weekly has been aware of this ongoing dilemma through conversations and deep collaboration with teachers, school administrators, and superintendents across the nation. So, we created an Extended Support Package that gives more teachers and districts access to advanced technical and educational services.

Extended Support

All customers who order more than $2,000 worth of products and PD training each year can use third-party rostering integration with Studies Weekly for free.

Because we also wanted to make online teaching more convenient for customers who fall below that limit, these customers can now purchase our Extended Support Package to access our third-party rostering integration services for only $250.

But perks do not end here. The package also gives teachers access to our Teacher Advocate program, an exclusive service that is usually only available for large districts or those who have adopted our curriculum for multiple years.

Our teacher advocates have many years of in-class experience and are passionate about helping teachers be successful. They are available via email, scheduled calls, or GoogleMeet. Your teachers can ask for assistance with lesson planning or just bounce ideas off someone familiar with the curriculum. Teachers Advocates want all teachers to feel confident, excited, and successful in implementing curriculum so that their students reap the many benefits.

In addition to having access to these Tier II and Tier II teaching experts, those who purchase the Extended Support Package also have dedicated Tier III customer support.

To find out more about available Professional Development options, check out our PD page.

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