Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When do the subscriptions start?

Your subscription start date changes depending on when you placed your order. For example, if you place your order on July 20, your first set of publications will be sent out towards the end of July and will arrive in the middle of August. Orders placed later in the school year will arrive within two weeks after we receive your order.

What does the package look like?

We ship publications in one package for the full year upfront. Each class will receive a box with the full year of student publications and teacher materials inside. The box will be labelled with the school name, address, grade level, publication, invoice number, and P.O. number. We are able to put individual teacher names on the box if you provide the teacher’s information at the time you place your order.

Can I adjust my numbers when I have a final count?

As the publications are shipped in individual shipments for the entire year, you are unable to reduce the quantity of publications after we have shipped the publication. You may order additional student publications if your class size increases.

Do I need to purchase the full year?

Yes, all purchases are made for an annual subscription with no quarterly subscriptions available.

What teacher material is included?

Starting 2018-2019 School Year.  We will include teacher materials on all orders of 10 or more student publications. Each of our publications has corresponding teacher material designed for it, including a teacher supplement. The teacher supplement is also available online at

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept purchase orders, credit cards, check, and EFT payments.

  • If paying via purchase order, you can send the PO via hard copy, fax to(866) 311 8734, or online at
  • If paying via credit card, your order must be $5,000 or less. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. For orders over $5,000, please send a check with your invoice.
  • If paying via EFT, contact our accounts receivable department by calling (866) 311 8734 to set up your payments.

Can I place my order now and send a purchase order later?

No, if you are paying with a purchase order, it must be sent at the time of your order to avoid duplicate orders. Studies Weekly is not responsible for duplicate orders.

Can I download and print an order form?

Yes. To download and print an order form to mail a hard copy or fax your order in, click on Order Form on our website in the “Shop” section below the “Other Ways to Order” box. Choose your state and the year, where applicable, and you can download the PDF of your state’s unique order form.

Shipping Policy

Product is shipped within a mutually agreed upon shipping window. Product can typically be expected to arrive within 14 days of shipping. The shipping carrier is determined by order details. Studies Weekly is not responsible for delayed delivery of product due to backorder, acts of nature, carrier problems or other unforeseeable issues.

How do I cancel or return my order?

Order Cancellations:
If you need to cancel your order prior to shipment, please contact customer service. If the product has already shipped, please refer to the Returns and Refunds instructions.

Returns and Refunds:
Studies Weekly offers a 30 day money back guarantee on both print and online subscriptions. If you are not satisfied with the product within 30 days, please contact our customer service department for help processing your return and/or refund.

In order to be eligible for return and refund on print products, the publications must be in their original condition, unused and unseparated.

What if a duplicate order has been placed?

Studies Weekly is not responsible for duplicate orders. If you place an order over the phone, please do not also send a PO via mail or fax to avoid duplicates. If you receive two invoices for the same order with different invoice numbers, contact our customer service department right away to cancel the duplicate order and avoid duplicate charges.

Is Studies Weekly aligned with Common Core?

Math Studies Weekly covers 100% of the Common Core Math Standards for grades K-2 . Our Social Studies and Science publications for K-6 can be used to teach many of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards, such as reading; writing; speaking and listening; language; and range, quality, and complexity.

In all states that have adopted the Common Core State Standards, Studies Weekly Teachers Supplements include activities, suggestions, and tips for using Studies Weekly publications to teach Common Core ELA Standards.

There are Common Core Standards for Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects for Grades 6 to 12. The Studies Weekly 6th Grade publications, World History Studies Weekly and Global Studies Weekly, may be used to teach the Literacy Standards for History/Social Studies.

Although there are no corresponding standards for Grades K-5, the Literacy Standards for 6-12 are based on the same Anchor Standards as the standards for Reading Informational Text. Using Studies Weekly K-5 publications to teach the Informational Text Standards helps build a foundation for your students to be prepared for the Literacy Standards in the higher grades.

Please note, however, that Studies Weekly is not built as an English Language Arts program. However, many teachers use our social studies publications as a major component of their Language Arts curriculum, supplemented by fiction books and some basic tools for teaching Standard English conventions.

Does Studies Weekly provide Lexile levels for the publications?

We do not have Lexile levels for our science and social studies publications. We know that some districts prefer, or even require, Lexile levels for curriculum materials. However, we do not consistently have the resources available to respond to necessary content changes, new standards, and other factors. To have Lexile measures in place would significantly increase the cost to produce our publications.

All Studies Weekly publications are written by experienced teachers with an expert understanding of the reading level of elementary students. In addition, our articles are vetted informally by spot-checking with either the Spache Readability Formula for grades 1-3, or the Dale-Chall Readability Calculator for grades 4 and above.

Are crossword puzzle answers available online?

No. If students are unable to find the answers to the crossword puzzles in their publication, we encourage them to ask their teacher for help.

How do I create an account?

Setting up a teacher account is easy and can be completed in the following steps:

  1. Go to and click Log In.
  2. Select Register Teacher.
  3. Fill out the form and click Submit.
  4. Go to your email and find the confirmation email from Studies Weekly.
  5. Click on the link in that email to confirm your account.
  6. Once logged in, follow the instructions for publication access.

What if I forgot my username or password?

If you forget your password, click on Forgot Password? on the login page. An email to reset your password will be sent to you. You may also call us toll-free at (866) 311-8734, and press “1” for technical support, or email

I can’t see my grade level when I log in to my account.

When creating your online account, the system automatically highlights all publications your district/school has ordered in green. When you choose your own grade level, you are actually de-selecting that grade level. To correct the publications on your account, please contact customer service.

I cannot get the online videos to play.

If you are unable to play online videos, make sure you are using a supported browser. While Studies Weekly Online works in most browsers, Internet Explorer is unsupported. We recommend logging in with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.