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That First Week of School with Studies Weekly

Every educator hopes for a smooth first week of school. It’s a unique chance to teach rules, procedures and expectations — and also set the vision for the entire school year.

Studies Weekly has multiple ideas and activities to help you teach your students how to learn and how to dig into history as historians. A good place to start that first week is the PD Training Tab at Studies Weekly Online.

Studies Weekly professional development


Under this tab, we’ve categorized teacher resources into three options:

Studies Weekly Online PD training


How to Use Studies Weekly

In the How to Use Studies Weekly section, you will find tutorials to help you navigate everything from adding students or interacting with articles to assigning and running reports on assessments.

Once you’ve set up your classroom and students, a great resource for your first week is the Navigate Teacher Resources video. It takes you on a tour of the many additional resources available to you for every article. The video is available here, and under the PD Training tab.

Another great video tutorial for both you and your students to view during the first week of school is our Navigate Reading Features video. The Reading Features are where your students are most likely to start their Studies Weekly Online journey. Just as our print editions encourage hand-on note-taking and highlighting right on the publication, our online platform is also highly interactive and allows for many learning strategies at point-of-use.

You can view it here, and review it again at any time in the PD Training tab.

One further tutorial that can help both you and your students throughout the school year is our Locate Primary and Secondary–Search Bar Bonus Media video. It walks you through the the process of finding historical information and sources in our online platform.

Most of our how-to videos are also paired with written instructions via downloadable PDFs. That way, you can have the instructions on hand, and can copy them for students to use as reference.

Instructional Strategies

Our Instructional Strategies category also includes many first-week activities, worksheets and suggested lesson plans to help you off to a great start.

Studies Weekly unit planningOne of the best places to get an organizational boost is the Suggested Instructional Plan PDF. You can download and print it, and use it as a reference as you plan out your weekly units with Studies Weekly. The instructional tools listed on this document are all available through the Instructional Strategies category.

For example, a fun K-2 strategy for the first week is the What Does a Historian Look Like worksheet. For grades 2-5, you can use the Planning an Inquiry worksheet. Both of these encourage your students to explore and question as they start down that inquiry-based learning path.

Student Artifacts

As you and your students settle into your year, our Student Artifacts category in the PD Training Tab gives you some great hands-on projects and learning strategies that apply to multiple weekly units. These can be used as projects or even a form of assessment.

Studies Weekly Student ArtifactIt’s always exciting, stressful, exhilarating and humbling to start a new year. These PD resources can help you feel more confident about incorporating Studies Weekly Online into your classroom.

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