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How to Utilize Our Game-based Learning Activities

Educational games boost student engagement by making learning fun and giving kids an extra incentive to do well. The two main methods used in educational games are gamification and game-based learning.

Gamification is using game design elements in the classroom to engage students. For example, a teacher gives students points after they complete in-class assignments.

Game-based learning is a hands-on strategy that uses games to produce specific outcomes. For example, a teacher plays hangman with their students to increase their spelling skills.

Studies Weekly Online has four game-based learning activities to keep your kiddos motivated and improve learning outcomes. Your students can find two of these games on the left-hand side of each week’s reading.

The first game is a crossword puzzle where students read clues and type the correct answer. The second one is called Misspilled where students sort correctly or incorrectly spelled vocabulary words into corresponding laboratory vials.

With each game, students earn points or coins for avatar characters — Revere the Rat or Studies Weekly Explorer — which they can then use to purchase accessories. Students can also earn coins and gems by answering questions correctly within each publication, thus helping to increase reading comprehension.


As a teacher, you may see how many coins your students are earning.

1. Log in to your online account

2. Go to

3. Enter username (email address)

4. Enter password

5. Click Login

6. Select the Classes tab

Studies weekly online classes

7. Click on Reports

8. Look beneath the Gems icon

Studies weekly game based learning


Students can access their avatar and see their progress the following way:

1. Log in to your online account

2. Go to

3. Enter username (email address)

4. Enter password

5. Click Login

6. In the upper right-hand corner click on the student profile picture

7. Choose either My Rev Rat or Explorers

Studies weekly online student games

For more information on how to use online features, read Getting the Most Out of Your Studies Weekly Account.

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