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How To Use the Studies Weekly Online Platform

Here at Studies Weekly, we know there is never quite enough time to do all you want as an educator. That’s why we try to make ordering and using our online platform as easy as possible.

With the many programs you use in your classroom, things can still get confusing sometimes. Our Help Center has tons of tutorials that can take you step-by-step through our online platform’s processes.

Here’s a handy guide to learning how to do just about everything at


How to Place an Order

How to Order in the Store

How to Place an Order with a Quote

How to Request a Sample

How to Get a Free Trial

Account Tips

How to Create Your Online Account

How to Login to Your Account

How to Access Your Publications

How to Change Your Password

How to Add Students to Your Online Account


Using the Online Platform

Finding More Teacher Resources Online

Navigating the Publications Page

Navigating the Customized Content page

How to Use the Audio Reader

How to Access the Teacher Edition

How to Reorder/Move Units, Weeks & Articles

How to Use the Highlighting Tool

How to Print Leveled Readers

Using Science Videos

Fixing Video Errors

Is Closed Captioning Available?

Managing Student Accounts

How To Create a Classroom

How To Edit, Archive and Recover Classrooms

Navigating the Classes Page

How to Transfer Students

How to Edit Student Accounts

Student Usernames and Passwords

Student Username Problems

Student Progress

Managing Tests

How to Create Customized Content

How to Grade Assignments and Leave Comments

Weekly Assessment Score

How to Allow a Student to Retake an Assignment

Still Need Help?

If you don’t find what you are looking for through our Knowledge Base, you can start an online chat session at or create a support ticket.

If you are still confused and just need a real person to walk you through things, call us at (866) 311-8734.

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