Magnetic Forces Science Lesson Plan

K-3 Lesson Plan: Magnetic Forces

Background Knowledge: 

In this lesson, students will explore how magnets interact, ask questions, and make observations. The objective is for students to understand the cause-and-effect relationship of magnetic interactions. 

Lesson Plan: 

  1. Prepare by gathering enough magnets for students. Each student should have two magnets. 
  2. Read this to your students:

Magnets are all around us. We use magnets to keep the fridge shut and power TV’s and earphones. We also use magnets on credit cards and even on our phones. 

  1. Tell them that they will be experimenting with magnets by working through two experiments. 
  2. The student goal for this activity is Asking Questions and Defining Problems
  3. Using the graphic organizer for the Magnetic Maze and the Paperclip Rescue found in the Student Edition, students will ask questions and write their observations as they do the two experiments. 
  4. When students create their mazes for the first experiment, caution them to create a maze that has a beginning and end that they can distinguish.
  5. Conclude by having students share their questions and observations. Record student ideas on a piece of chart paper. 
Think Deeply: 

How do magnets work?

Let’s Write: 

Have students answer the phenomenon question in their science journals: How do magnets work?

Graphic Organizers:

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