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More User Updates to Studies Weekly Online

When you order Studies Weekly, you get an innovative, hands-on social studies or science curriculum packaged in easy-to-use, fun, and engaging periodicals. We love how much students get excited about our unique print product, and we work every day to improve it page by page.

We also consistently work every single day to improve the user experience of Studies Weekly Online, our robust platform that supports and extends the printed publications with 100,000s of primary source video, audio, and images.

Here are the latest updates to Studies Weekly Online:

Studies Weekly Test Questions listed as 1, 2, 3

Simpler Article Question Titles

After feedback from educators, we changed the titles next to the questions under each article. Instead of listing them as “Easy,” “Medium,” or “Hard,” the questions are now simply listed as 1, 2 and 3.

We realize the previous question titles could create stress for students. And really, something that might seem hard for one student may be easy for another, and vice versa, so we don’t want to be the one making those distinctions.

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