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New School Year, New Features at Studies Weekly Online

While you have been prepping for the new school year, we have been updating Studies Weekly Online to give you a better user experience.

Reading Tab

One of the first things you’ll notice when you access Studies Weekly Online is a slight reorganization of the online publications under the Reading tab. They are all now grouped first by subject, and then by grade.

Using Studies Weekly

Article Search by Grade

Using the search bar in the upper right hand corner of Studies Weekly Online is a fast and easy way to find the exact resources you need about a person or event. 

Studies Weekly Online User FeaturesIn addition to filtering your results by type — articles, images, and videos — you can now filter them by grade. This allows you to quickly find the right text or media appropriate for your students.

Reader Mode

One of our latest improvements is Reader Mode. When you or your students are reading articles online, you can expand them with Reader Mode to minimize distractions. This will hopefully help your students stay on task just a bit better.

Reading speed at Studies WeeklyTo use Reader Mode, click on the dashed square in the upper right corner of the article. This expands the article to full screen, so you don’t see the upper menu tab, weekly units listing, Bonus Sources, Rev Rat or extra resources. You focus solely on the article, and the images that go with it. This is especially helpful when an article has images you and your students want to study in depth, while also referencing the text.

Studies Weekly Reading Online

Extras Tab

We added a new button to the main menu header: the Extras tab. This is to help you quickly find videos to pair with your lesson plans.

Studies Weekly Online Extras TabThe Extras Tab includes:

Interviews: These are our primary source interviews from people who experienced history. As you study recent world wars and conflicts, you can hear from those who were there.

Primary Source InterviewsProject Time: Our popular science series, Project Time with Discovery Dan. In each episode, the audience follows Discovery Dan and his wacky experiments.

Fun Science Videos for elementaryField Trips: Take your students to visit NASA, through the path of the Freedom Riders or to a factory where money is minted.

Virtual field trips for elementary

Google Classroom Integration

The Studies Weekly Online platform is now integrated with Google Classroom. With just a few clicks, you can assign articles, images or videos to the entire classroom.

Google Classroom IntegrationThe Google Classroom icon is on the Studies Weekly platform, and it works individually with every digital source. You can assign a single video, image, article or assessment to your students’ classroom. For extension activities, you can customize assignments and pull in other media from the platform as well.

For the integration to work efficiently, your students’ Studies Weekly usernames must be their Google Classroom email.

For detailed instructions, see our Google Classroom blog.

Assigning and Unassigning

You can customize how your students interact with Studies Weekly online by reordering, assigning and unassigning individual units.

Rate and Review System

Teachers can now rate and review all online articles, article questions, bonus media questions and assessment questions.

In the right-hand corner on articles and assessments, you can see the 5-star rating system. Simply click on the star of your choice.

Rate and review Studies Weekly online articles

Better Audio and Video Tools

Better audio

All of our assessment questions at Studies Weekly Online have improved voice quality in their audio option. Your students can listen and re-listen to every question until they understand what it’s asking.

Variable audio speed reader

Your students can now choose the reading speed for the audio reader option on online articles. Students who are in the early language acquisition phase can slow down the reader speed so they can follow along easier. Students can also speed up the reader to a pace that works for them.

Studies Weekly Online audio speed reader

Variable video speed

Your students can also choose the playback speed for all our videos on Studies Weekly Online. This helps different learners access media through the speed that is best for them.

Studies Weekly Audio Reader


New PD Training Tab Look

We’ve completely updated our online Professional Development page to make it easier to find exactly what you need. The page is now split into three categories: How to Use Studies Weekly, Instructional Strategies, and Student Artifacts.

Studies Weekly Online PD training


In the How To category you will find video walk-throughs and accompanying PDFs for almost every aspect of our online platform. From getting started to adding students, managing publications and editing assessments – it’s all there.

The Instructional Strategies category shares lesson plan ideas, research-based learning strategies, and worksheets and tools to guide your students through historical thinking and analysis. Many of them also include a suggested grade-level range for use.

The Student Artifacts category gives you examples of graphic organizers and projects your students can make and use with their print publications.

Company Website and Facebook Community

This summer we completely revamped our company website, It is now designed to better serve you when you are considering Studies Weekly products. You can request a sample, get a quote, or try a free online trial from this site.

The site also has pages to help those of you already using Studies Weekly. These pages include a FAQ page to help you navigate ordering and your online account, a How-to page taking you through using your print publications, information about in-person professional development sessions, and an easy link to finding the sales representative who supports your school district.

To get even more ideas for using Studies Weekly, join our Studies Weekly Facebook Community. Here, you’ll hear how other teachers use Studies Weekly in their classroom throughout the school year.

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