Teaching is hard. Fun. Joyful. Stressful. Exciting. All of the above.

That’s why Studies Weekly’s goal is to make curriculum that is enjoyable to use and helps teachers successfully realize learning outcomes.

To help you do this, we’ve launched completely new 2020-2021 Professional Development training offerings. These PD programs can be done digitally or face-to-face.

“Our goal is to support teachers and build their capacity in any learning environment, while at the same time providing accessible and cost effective training for more of our customers,” said Amy Miner, our chief curriculum officer. “We have been working with customers across the country to ask, listen, and then to facilitate training modules based on teacher feedback and needs. Our new training offerings are hands-on, and engaging, and we have incorporated digitally-based applications using our Studies Weekly product in each training module.”


Free Webinars:


What’s New Webinar

A monthly webinar that shares new product updates, lesson plan ideas, and teaching strategies.

Audience: For all Studies Weekly customers

Format: Free, live, 1-hour webinar


Welcome to Studies Weekly Onboarding Webinar

Onboarding assistance and training for using Studies Weekly Online and print publications.

Audience: Educators new to Studies Weekly

Format: Free, live, 1-hour webinar

New PD Training Options:


Improving Instruction through Studies Weekly

A hands-on, high-quality training that models purposeful consumption of Studies Weekly’s print and online curriculum.

Audience: Based on qualifying school or district purchase

Format: 2-hour webinar or 3-hour face-to-face training


Digital Deep Dive with Studies Weekly Online

A deep dive into the digital resources, tools, and assessments found in Studies Weekly Online, with training on searching for related media, customizing assessments, and using our Google Classroom integration to enhance student learning.

Audience: Educators who have already participated in onboarding

Format: 2-hour webinar or face-to-face training


Integration: Why, What, and How

An exploration of the integrated and cross-disciplinary opportunities in Studies Weekly.

Audience: Teachers, district coaches, professional development specialists

Format: 2-hour webinar or 3-hour face-to-face training


Inquiry Institute

A customizable training on critical inquiry-based planning, instruction, and assessment opportunities within the Studies Weekly curriculum.

Audience: Teachers, curriculum coaches and directors with qualifying purchase

Format: 2-hour webinar or 3-hour face-to-face training


Student and Teacher Well-being

An exploration of various aspects of well-being — including the social, emotional, mental, academic, and physical well-being of both students and teachers.

Audience: Teachers, curriculum coaches and directors

Format: 2-hour webinar or 3-hour face-to-face training

All of our professional development is content-focused and standards-based, reflecting research-based best practice strategies that teachers can incorporate into their classrooms. Additionally, these are not Sit-N-Get style lectures, but hands-on, engaging opportunities for teachers to reflect, collaborate, and apply these strategies directly to their own classrooms, and based on best practices from the DuFours, Marzano, Hattie, and Fullan.

“We brought in all new strategies around inquiry, English Language Arts integration, Well-being, and Collaborative Conversations. My favorite part is creating and examining teacher and student artifacts with our product. It makes the trainings authentic and relevant and teachers leave the training ready to implement both best practice and Studies Weekly in their classroom,” Miner said.

At Studies Weekly, we are continually looking to help our customers utilize our curriculum and provide you with the resources you need to teach students more effectively. Our PD programs will make using Studies Weekly learning materials easy so you can plan less, and teach more.

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