Physical Health Education Lesson Plan

Well-Being Lesson Plan: Physical Health

Teacher Background:

Students will learn about physical health and how to support it.

Lesson Plan:

    1. Read the article “Physical Well-Being” to the class.
      1. Have students point to the boy eating a sandwich.
      2. Have students point to the boy playing outside with an airplane.
      3. Have students show you how to move and wiggle.
    2. Ask the students:
      1. What are some things we can do to help our bodies stay healthy? (Possible answers include: exercise, play, eat healthy food, drink water, get enough sleep, etc.)
      2. Show the following images:
        1. Boy Tasting French Macaroons
        2. Donuts
        3. Boy Sleeping
        4. Kids Playing Soccer
        5. A Girl Sleeping
        6. A Girl watching TV
        7. Children Jogging
        8. Family Water Fight
        9. A Child Watching TV
        10. Drinking Water
        11. A Boy Eating Broccoli
        12. Crate of Vegetables
        13. Two Girls Playing Video Games
        14. Girl Eating Watermelon
        15. Plate of Fruit
      3. Have students stand up if they think it is showing a way to help their bodies stay healthy. Have the students stay seated if it isn’t showing a way to help their bodies stay healthy.
    3. Explain that taking care of our bodies improves our physical health.
      1. When we are healthy, we can be happy and safe.
      2. Show me how you feel when you get enough sleep.
      3. Show me how you feel when you don’t get enough sleep.
      4. Show me how you feel when you are hungry.
      5. How do you feel when you are really thirsty?
      6. What do you think about when you’re thirsty?
    4. Next, use the graphic organizer Brain Break Workouts. Have students take turns rolling the dice and, as a class, do the activity on the organizer.
Think Deeply:

Why is it important to make healthy choices about your body?

Let’s Write:

Draw a picture of the last healthy choice you made to support your physical health.

Materials Used:

Article: Physical Well-Being

Studies Weekly well-being article physical well-being

Graphic organizer: Brain Break Workouts

Studies Weekly Graphic Organizer

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