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Inflation Driving Up Prices January 2023

Nov. 29, 2022  ◊  By Studies Weekly

Every child deserves an excellent education.

When it comes to school budgets, we know every dollar counts, and that’s why we do our best to keep the cost of our print and online products low. Our products are proudly made in the USA, but unfortunately, our operating expenses have increased with this country’s rapid inflation.

Inflation is raising the cost of everything, particularly paper, printing, shipping (fuel surcharges), security, and the technical services required for us to function. We have tried to maintain our current pricing for as long as possible, but costs have reached a point where we need to raise our prices starting January 1, 2023. (Price increase excludes current contracted adoption pricing).

Here’s the Good News

Even though we have to increase our prices, we are also increasing the value of your products. We’ve moved from supplemental materials to a complete, comprehensive curriculum that aligns better with your state standards. No matter where you live, you can use Studies Weekly as a primary instructional resource.

Along with creating robust primary instructional resources, we’ve increased our value by updating our print and online publications to match post-pandemic education standards. We consistently partner with expert educators to ensure our social studies curriculum is accurate and culturally sensitive, so that all students feel represented in their learning. Our new science curriculum is NGSS aligned, so you can feel confident you are preparing your students for success.

All your curriculum publications provide substantial ELA support to help overcome learning loss and prepare students for standardized testing. You can also pair any of them with other curriculum to fill gaps in language acquisition and literacy and/or take advantage of our online media library.

Science Vocabulary

In fact, Studies Weekly Online recently got a complete makeover, so it functions like a digital classroom, making it easier to find lesson plans, videos, and activities; and adapt to all student learning styles.

We’re also updating the Teacher Editions, so they’re better organized and packed with valuable resources, including differentiated instruction ideas, graphic organizers, and standard correlation reports.

And, let’s not forget professional development training, which we offer all year long. Your PD is completely customized to your needs. Teachers may also sign up for free webinars on our Events page and watch training videos on Studies Weekly Online (read How to Find Training and Resources).

School and district leaders, visit our PD page for more details on training options.

As we all try to grapple with higher prices, you can rest easy knowing that we are dedicated to giving you high-quality curriculum at the best price we can offer, with the tools you need to support your students.

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