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Illinois Fifth Grade Magazines
Illinois Fifth Grade Social Studies
  • Core Social Studies Classroom Magazine
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Weekly Curriculum Map / Standards Correlation

Scope & Sequence/Standards Coverage


Week 1: How Did It All Begin?

Students will examine early colonization in the U.S. 15.D.2a, 16.A.2b, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.D.2a (US), 17.A.2b

Week 2: English Settlements

Students will explain reasons for colonization and read about the Lost Colony of Roanoke. 14.A.2, 16.A.2b, 16.B.2a (US), 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2a (US)

Week 3: Comparing Colonies

Students will compare the New England, Middle and Southern Colonies. 16.A.2b, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2a (US), 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2a (US), 17.A.2b, 17.B.2a, 17.C.2a

Week 4: Slavery in the Colonies

Students will discuss Triangular Trade and slavery in the Colonies. 14.C.2, 14.F.2, 15.D.2a, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2b (US), 16.C.2a (US), 16.D.2c (US), 17.A.2b

Week 5: Tension Between the Colonies and Britain

Students will discuss the conflicts between Colonists and the British. 14.C.2, 14.D.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2a (US), 16.B.2b (US), 16.B.2d (US)

Week 6: Independence May Be the Only Answer

Students will study the conflict and events leading up to American independence. 14.C.2, 14.D.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2a (US), 16.B.2b (US), 16.B.2d (US)

Week 7: Celebrate Freedom!

Students will discuss the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War. 14.A.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2b (US), 16.B.2d (US)

Week 8: Constitution

Students will learn about the Constitutional Convention and the branches of government. 14.A.2, 14.B.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b

Week 9: Government of the People

Students will study the Bill of Rights and the process required to amend the Constitution. 14.A.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US)


Week 10: American Indian Nations

Students will discuss ancient civilizations and tribes and compare cultural aspects by region. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2a , 17.A.2b, 17.B.2b, 18.C.2

Week 11: Geography

Students will compare types of maps and discuss map features. 16.A.2c, 17.A.2b

Week 12: U.S. States and Regions

Students will recognize and label names of states, capitals and territories. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2a , 17.A.2b, 17.B.2a, 17.B.2b, 17.C.2a, 17.C.2c

Week 13: Looking to the West

Students will examine the beginnings of the movement westward. 15.D.2a, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.D.2b (US), 17.A.2a , 17.A.2b, 17.D.2b

Week 14: The War of 1812

Students will discuss the causes, events and effects of the War of 1812. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 18.A.2

Week 15: U.S. in the 19th Century

Students will learn about the Trail of Tears and study the industrial revolution. 15.B.2a, 15.B.2b, 15.C.2a, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2b (US), 16.C.2c (US), 18.C.2

Week 16: Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War

Students will study how events before the Civil War expanded U.S. territory. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.D.2b (US), 17.A.2b

Week 17: Immigration

Students will discuss how the migration of settlers affected American Indians and learn about immigrants from Europe and Asia. 14.C.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US)

Week 18: Industry vs. Agriculture

Students will compare life in the North and the South in the years leading up to the Civil War. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2c (US), 17.A.2b, 17.C.2b, 18.C.2


Week 19: Trouble Between the States

Students will discuss conflicts that eventually led to the Civil War. 14.F.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b

Week 20: The Civil War

Students will discuss the secession of southern states and the beginning of the Civil War. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b

Week 21: The War Continues

Students will study some battles of the war and the role of women in the war. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b

Week 22: Reconstruction

Students will examine Lincoln’s plan to reunite the North and South and read about his assassination in 1865. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US)

Week 23: Changes in Industry and Transportation

Students will describe how the industrial revolution changed communication/transportation. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b, 18.C.2


Week 24: Changing Times

Students will learn about life in the early 20th century. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2b (US), 16.D.2c (US)

Week 25: World War I and the Great Depression

Students will discuss World War I and the Great Depression. 15.A.2c, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2c (US)

Week 26: The New Deal

Students will study Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal. 15.A.2c, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 18.A.2

Week 27: World War II

Students will examine some events of WWII. 14.E.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b

Week 28: Two More Wars and the Space Race Begins

Students will examine some key events of the 1950s. 14.E.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b

Week 29: The Civil Rights Movement

Students will describe events of the Civil Rights Movement. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.D.2c (US)

Week 30: America the Superpower

Students will discuss events of the late 20th century. 14.E.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 17.A.2b

Week 31: The Information Age

Students will explore some technologies that brought the U.S. into the Information Age. 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2c (US), 17.A.2b

Week 32: The War on Terrorism

Students will discuss the events of Sept. 11, 2001 and the war on terrorism. 14.E.2, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US)

Common Core

K-5 Required to Read 50% Informational Text
Meet or exceed the 50% Informational Text requirement in your state with Studies Weekly. Teach CCSS-aligned Social Studies and Science content during your literacy block!
Staircase of Complexity
Lexile levels gradually increase over the course of each grade level. We provide researched-based lesson plans with scaffolding/differentiated instruction so that all students succeed.
Text-Based Answers
Students are required to write about what they read, perform additional research, cite sources and consider other points of view. Assessment questions require students to recall, examine and analyze the text they have read.
Writing from Sources
Students will develop research and media skills using primary and secondary sources. We provide 2.0 digital tool suggestions for creating online products like videos, avatars, posters and slide shows.
Academic Vocabulary
With domain-specific vocabulary for each lesson, our lesson plans help you teach students how to determine the meaning of unknown words within a text (CCSS for ELA RI.4).
Computer-Based, Machine-Scored Assessment for Grades 3-5
Online assessment is provided at studiesweekly.com/online. With instant analysis, including pie charts for every question, you.ll identify where re-teaching or additional test-taking strategies are needed.

Visit the Studies Weekly Blog to learn more about integrating Common Core Standards into your classroom.

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