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Illinois Fourth Grade Magazines
Illinois Fourth Grade Social Studies
  • Core Social Studies Classroom Magazine
  • 28 Weekly Units Delivered In 4 Quarterly Installments
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Weekly Curriculum Map / Standards Correlation

Scope & Sequence/Standards Coverage


Week 1: Geographical Formation and Mammals

Students will be introduced to Studies Weekly and will learn how to navigate the magazine. Students will learn about the Age of Reptiles as a time when Illinois was under seawater. Students will learn about Illinois’ state fossil, the Tully monster. Students will learn that the area is too young for dinosaurs but that the area has lots of mammal fossils. 16.A.2c, 17.A.2b

Week 2: Illinois' Glacier and Regions

Students will study will study the Ice Age and the effects of glaciers on the United States, specifically examining Illinois and the animals that subsequently lived here. They will also study the geography of Illinois, the landmass of Pangaea and tectonic plates. Students will be introduced to lines of longitude and latitude by locating Illinois on a globe. 17.A.2b, 17.B.2b, 18.A.2

Week 3: Illinois' Waterways

Students will read a story about an American Indian girl from Illinois. Students will study the waterways of Illinois. They will learn how the Great Lakes were formed. Students will also study the importance of the Mississippi River and they will locate some of Illinois’ major rivers on a map. 17.A.2a , 17.A.2b, 17.B.2a, 17.C.2a, 17.C.2c

Week 4: Weather / Climate

Students will study the weather and climate of Illinois. They will contrast climate and weather and describe the differences. They will learn about Illinois’ variable weather conditions and will think about how to be prepared for a sudden change in weather. Students will also learn about the job of a weather person and the components of weather. 16.A.2a , 17.A.2a , 17.A.2b, 17.C.2a

Week 5: The Mound Builders

Students will study the culture of the Hopewell tribe of Illinois. They will also study the culture of the Mississippi tribe and the period of Illinois history called the Woodland Era. Students will learn about the mounds built by the Mississippians and will think about the reasons why the tribe may have built them. 15.D.2a, 16.A.2c, 17.B.2a, 17.C.2b, 17.D.2a, 18.A.2, 18.C.2

Week 6: Historic American Indians

Students will learn about Beringia and the hunters that first came to what is now the U.S. Students will learn that these hunters are called Paleo Indians. They will also learn about the cultures of the tribes of Illinois before Europeans settlers came. Students will learn about the different American Indian tribes that inhabited different regions of Illinois. 14.D.2, 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.C.2a (W), 16.D.2c (US), 16.E.2a (US), 16.E.2a (W) , 17.A.2a , 17.B.2b, 17.C.2c, 17.D.2a, 17.D.2b, 18.A.2

Week 7: The Illini Confederation

Students will read a narrative to learn about Illini American Indians. They will also learn about the Illini Alliance. Students will study characteristics of the tribe such as family history, the housing they had, the type of wild game they hunted, and the things they crafted, such as pottery and canoes. 15.A.2a, 15.D.2b, 16.A.2c, 17.B.2b, 17.D.2a, 17.D.2b


Week 8: Other Tribes Move In

Students will learn about interactions between two American Indian tribes, the Illini and the Iroquois. They will study the culture of the Iroquois. Students will learn how they Iroquois influenced the Illini. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.E.2a (US), 17.A.2a , 17.B.2b, 17.D.2b, 18.A.2, 18.C.2

Week 9: Early European Explorers

Students will study the first explorers who came to Illinois. They will learn that these explorers wanted to trap and trade furs. Students will learn that LaSalle discovered Illinois. They will also learn about the expeditions of De Soto, Jolliet and Marquette. Students will learn about what life was like in the forts of the traders. 15.A.2a, 15.D.2a, 16.D.2a (US), 16.E.2a (US), 16.E.2c (US), 17.A.2a , 17.B.2a, 17.B.2b, 17.C.2b, 17.C.2c, 17.D.2a, 17.D.2b, 18.C.2

Week 10: The French and Indian War / Pontiac's Rebellion

Students will learn about the many conflicts among the British, French and American Indians. They will learn about the alliance created between American Indians and the French to fight against the British and other American Indian tribes. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.B.2a (US), 16.B.2b (US), 16.D.2a (US), 16.D.2b (US), 17.A.2a , 17.C.2b, 17.D.2a, 18.A.2

Week 11: Trouble with England

Students will learn about the Boston Tea Party and the reasons behind it. Students will study the events that led up to the war that Illinois would be a part of. They will also learn about the First Continental Congress and the important men involved. 14.C.2, 14.D.2, 15.B.2a, 16.A.2c, 16.B.2a (US), 16.B.2b (US), 16.D.2c (US)

Week 12: American Revolution / George Rogers Clark

Students will learn about surveyor George Rogers Clark and the role he played in fighting the British. They will learn about both Illinois and Indiana in the American Revolution. Students will study the treaties that sought to bring peace in our new nation. 14.A.2, 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.D.2c (US), 17.A.2b, 17.C.2b, 17.D.2a, 18.B.2b, 18.C.2

Week 13: Northwest Territory is Formed

Students will learn how the Northwest Territory was created after the United States defeated the British. They will learn how pioneers moved west in Conestoga wagons. Students will also learn about the Battle of Fallen Timbers. 14.A.2, 14.C.2, 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.D.2b (US), 16.D.2c (US), 16.E.2a (US), 17.A.2b, 17.C.2b, 17.D.2a, 17.D.2b, 18.A.2, 18.B.2b, 18.C.2

Week 14: War of 1812 / Black Hawk

Students will learn about the Sauk tribe and its important leader, Black Hawk. Students will study how the War of 1812 began. Students will learn about conflict in Illinois, including the massacre at Fort Dearborn. Students will learn about Jean Baptiste Point du Sable as the first black man to settle in Chicago. 14.C.2, 14.D.2, 14.F.2, 15.A.2a, 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.D.2b (US), 16.D.2c (US), 17.D.2a, 18.A.2, 18.B.2b


Week 15: Statehood at Last!

Students will learn about Illinois’ statehood in 1818. They will study the important role of Daniel Pope Cook in achieving statehood. They will also learn about Shadrach Bond, Illinois’ first governor. Students will read about an Illinois legend, the Curse of Kaskaskia. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.D.2c (US), 17.A.2b, 18.A.2, 18.B.2b

Week 16: Pioneer Life

Students will study what life was like for pioneers. Students will study how cabins were built and what they were like. Students will also learn about pioneers’ chores and what they did for fun. They will read a story about a traveling minister named Preacher Dan. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.C.2c (US), 17.A.2b, 17.B.2a, 17.B.2b, 17.C.2c, 17.D.2a, 18.A.2

Week 17: Transportation in Illinois

Students will read about the legend of Casey Jones. Students will study travel on the rivers of Illinois by flatboat, keel boat and steamboat. They will learn how the railroad came to Illinois. Students will also learn about trails created by American Indians that settlers often used to explore the wilderness of Illinois. They will study how these trails evolved into permanent roads. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.E.2c (US), 17.A.2a , 17.B.2a, 17.C.2a, 17.C.2b, 17.D.2b, 18.A.2, 18.C.2

Week 18: Illinois and the Civil War

Students will learn how the hard work of Mary Ann Bickerdyke improved conditions for wounded soldiers. Students will study how the Civil War began. They will learn about learn about Jennie Hogders, who dressed as a man and fought bravely in the Civil War. Students will be introduced to the Underground Railroad and how slavery began in America. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2a (US), 16.D.2c (US), 16.D.2 (W), 18.A.2, 18.B.2b

Week 19: The Lincoln Legacy

Students will study the life of Abraham Lincoln. They will learn that Lincoln was a great lawyer in Springfield. Students will learn about Lincoln’s family and his race against Stephen Douglas for the U.S. Senate. 14.D.2, 14.F.2, 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.B.2c (US), 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2a (US), 16.D.2c (US), 18.A.2, 18.B.2b

Week 20: Illinois State Government

Students will read a story to compare the life they lead to those of children who experienced child labor. Students will study the three branches of government and will learn the responsibilities of each. They will learn about Illinois’ state capitol building in Springfield and the important jobs that are conducted out of the capitol. 14.A.2, 14.B.2, 16.A.2c, 18.B.2b

Week 21: Land of Many Cultures / Great Chicago Fire

Students will study the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Students will learn about Chicago today and will learn about some of its great features. Students will learn about the Field Museum, the John G. Shedd Aquarium and the Willis Tower. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2b, 17.C.2b, 18.A.2


Week 22: Immigration in Illinois

Students will learn about the importance of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in earning the right to vote for women. Students will learn about Ellis Island and the many immigrants who came to the U.S. Students will learn about the special contributions immigrants bring to Illinois. Students will also learn about the American Indians who live in Illinois and still remember and celebrate their heritage. 14.F.2, 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.C.2c (US), 16.D.2c (US), 16.D.2 (W), 16.E.2a (US)

Week 23: Farming / Education / Religion

Students will learn about Charles Duryea’s “motor wagon.” They will also study farming in Illinois of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Students will learn that the inventions of Cyrus McCormick and John Deere improved farming in Illinois. They will also learn that laws passed during this time made working conditions better for all. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.C.2b (US), 16.C.2c (W), 16.E.2a (US), 16.E.2b (W)

Week 24: WWI / Great Depression / WWII

Students will learn what life was life in the Roaring Twenties. They will learn about the events that led to the Great Depression. Students will be introduced to Prohibition. Students will study the World Wars and the hard-working women back home that kept the nation going while men were at war. 14.B.2, 14.E.2, 15.A.2a, 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.B.2c (US), 16.B.2d (US), 16.C.2c (US), 16.D.2c (US), 18.A.2, 18.B.2b, 18.C.2

Week 25: Industry / Inventions / Discoveries

Students will learn about the franchise of McDonald’s as entrepreneurship in Illinois. Students will study manufacturing in Illinois. Students will define capital good and entrepreneurship. They will learn about some famous companies based out of Illinois. 16.A.2a , 16.C.2b (US)

Week 26: Great Illinois Women

Students will learn about some of Illinois’ great women, including Carol Moseley-Braun, Jane Byrne and Dorothy Hamill. Students will also study Jane Addams’ Hull House, writer Gwendolyn Brooks and Dr. Mae Jemison, the first black woman in space. 16.A.2a , 16.A.2c, 16.D.2c (US), 18.A.2

Week 27: Great Illinois Men

Students will study Chicago native Walt Disney. Students will study writers Ernest Hemmingway, Ray Bradbury and Carl Sandburg. Students will also learn about men of the Wild West, such as Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok and Bat Masterson. They will also study four astronauts from Chicago and men in politics and the arts. 16.A.2c, 16.D.2c (US), 18.A.2

Week 28: Illinois Sports / Recreation

Students will study Illinois’ great hiking. They will also learn about famous sports teams and athletes of Illinois. 16.D.2c (US), 17.A.2b, 18.A.2

Common Core

K-5 Required to Read 50% Informational Text
Meet or exceed the 50% Informational Text requirement in your state with Studies Weekly. Teach CCSS-aligned Social Studies and Science content during your literacy block!
Staircase of Complexity
Lexile levels gradually increase over the course of each grade level. We provide researched-based lesson plans with scaffolding/differentiated instruction so that all students succeed.
Text-Based Answers
Students are required to write about what they read, perform additional research, cite sources and consider other points of view. Assessment questions require students to recall, examine and analyze the text they have read.
Writing from Sources
Students will develop research and media skills using primary and secondary sources. We provide 2.0 digital tool suggestions for creating online products like videos, avatars, posters and slide shows.
Academic Vocabulary
With domain-specific vocabulary for each lesson, our lesson plans help you teach students how to determine the meaning of unknown words within a text (CCSS for ELA RI.4).
Computer-Based, Machine-Scored Assessment for Grades 3-5
Online assessment is provided at studiesweekly.com/online. With instant analysis, including pie charts for every question, you.ll identify where re-teaching or additional test-taking strategies are needed.

Visit the Studies Weekly Blog to learn more about integrating Common Core Standards into your classroom.

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