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Washington Sixth Grade Magazines
Washington Sixth Grade Social Studies
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Weekly Curriculum Map / Standards Correlation

Scope & Sequence/Standards Coverage


Week 1: Veterans of the American Revolutionary War

Students will learn about George Washington as one of America’s most famous veterans, the hardships of soldiers at Valley Forge, how wars inspired music in America and Paul Revere’s ride. This unit may be used on George Washington’s Birthday and Flag Day/the Army’s Birthday (June 14).

Week 2: Veterans of the Civil War

Students will learn about Robert E. Lee, the divided loyalties of America’s soldiers and citizens, the Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen and the ways that children were involved on the front lines. This unit may be used on Lincoln’s Birthday, Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, Black History month and Emancipation Day (April 16).

Week 3: Veterans of World War I

Students will learn about two heroic WWI veterans, how war had an effect on movies, how the media was used to encourage patriotism and how the war began discussions about whether we should even go to war. This unit may be used on November 11, which is Veterans Day and Armistice Day.

Week 4: Veterans of World War II

Students will learn more about Navajo Code Talkers, a WWII Navy nurse Dorothy Danner, Rosie the Riveter and how the war changed women’s roles forever. This unit may be used on V-E Day commemorating the end of the war in Europe (May 8), D-Day commemorating the invasion of Normandy (June 6), V-J Day when the Japanese surrendered (August 14) and Pearl Harbor Day (December 7).

Week 5: Veterans of the Vietnam and Korean Wars

Students will learn about two veterans of the Vietnam and Korean Wars, where these countries are in the world, the Medal of Honor and the impact of free speech on soldiers coming home. This unit may be used on April 30, the day of the fall of Saigon, when studying Vietnam or when talking about current events in North/South Korea.

Week 6: Veterans of the Global War on Terror

Students will learn about the role of Navy SEALS, how wars save lives with medical advances, the debate about women in combat, and how today’s wars affect military children. This unit may be used on September 11 and November 11 (Veterans Day). It is appropriate for use in April (the Month of the Military Child) and May (the Month of the Military Spouse). It may also be used as part of a recognition of military peers in the classroom, especially when a child’s parent deploys, comes home, earns a medal or is injured or killed.

Common Core

K-5 Required to Read 50% Informational Text
Meet or exceed the 50% Informational Text requirement in your state with Studies Weekly. Teach CCSS-aligned Social Studies and Science content during your literacy block!
Staircase of Complexity
Lexile levels gradually increase over the course of each grade level. We provide researched-based lesson plans with scaffolding/differentiated instruction so that all students succeed.
Text-Based Answers
Students are required to write about what they read, perform additional research, cite sources and consider other points of view. Assessment questions require students to recall, examine and analyze the text they have read.
Writing from Sources
Students will develop research and media skills using primary and secondary sources. We provide 2.0 digital tool suggestions for creating online products like videos, avatars, posters and slide shows.
Academic Vocabulary
With domain-specific vocabulary for each lesson, our lesson plans help you teach students how to determine the meaning of unknown words within a text (CCSS for ELA RI.4).
Computer-Based, Machine-Scored Assessment for Grades 3-5
Online assessment is provided at studiesweekly.com/online. With instant analysis, including pie charts for every question, you.ll identify where re-teaching or additional test-taking strategies are needed.

Visit the Studies Weekly Blog to learn more about integrating Common Core Standards into your classroom.

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