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How Rostered Students or Those with Multiple Teachers Choose a Classroom

In some schools, students work with multiple teachers. When learning remotely, there can be some confusion about which assignments go to which teacher.

But Studies Weekly Online can help. The tech team at Studies Weekly recently made some upgrades to the student online platform to help students connect with the correct teacher.

This situation only occurs when districts are rostered to Studies Weekly Online and students are shared among teachers, or if there is a lead teacher who works with a co-teacher. When both teachers share the students in Studies Weekly Online, for example, if the lead teacher assigns a test, but the student takes the test while connected to the co-teacher, then the grade for the test shows under the wrong teacher.

To avoid this confusion, students who have more than one teacher will need to select their teacher each time they log in. That way, they can see and complete the assignments each teacher assigns them, and the reporting will go to the correct teacher.

A student who belongs to multiple classrooms and has not previously chosen a classroom will see this before seeing publications to choose a classroom.

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The student should click on a classroom card to enter the specific teacher’s online classroom.

Studies Weekly Student Online

After selecting a classroom, the student will see a list of publications for that classroom, and pop-up instruction to Select a Publication. This pop-up can be dismissed.

Studies Weekly Online Pop-Up

The filter field can be used to help find a publication.

Studies Weekly Online Publications Filter

Publications that match a selected filter will be shown.

Studies Weekly Online Publication

After clicking a publication the student will be directed to the publication weeks, and can continue their learning.

Studies Weekly Online Publication Weeks

Again, this situation will not happen for every student, only for those with multiple or shared teachers. Students who have only one teacher will not need to go through this process after logging in.

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