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Studies Weekly Student Accounts Improve Online Learning

Integrating and optimizing technology and online learning into the classroom can be a hefty task.

To facilitate the best online learning practices, Studies Weekly includes Student Accounts as part of the Studies Weekly Online platform. These student accounts allow learners to work through online articles and assessments at their own pace.

Here are a few key features of our Student Accounts that improve student engagement and learning:

1. Audio and Video Features

The article content at Studies Weekly Online is similar to the print publications you use in your classroom each week. But with thousands of additional videos, images and artwork, your students will feel and experience history. Every article includes an image, illustration or video, and most have bonus media sources — accessible in the right-hand corner of the article — to further understanding.

Students also have sound options as well. They can opt to read along with the online article via an audio reader. The words are highlighted as they are read, and students can also choose to slow down or speed up the audio playback.

Studies Weekly online audio reader

This is an extremely effective learning tool for emerging readers and English Language Learners (ELLs). The audio reader allows students to hear the pronunciation and cadence of the written word and promotes stronger comprehension.

2. Highlighting Tool

Not only can students highlight our print publications, but they are also able to highlight online passages of text.

Studies Weekly online highlighter tool

You can make this tool even more valuable as you incorporate highlighting and annotating into your lessons. For example, you can have students highlight the verbs in one color as they see them in their reading, then highlight all of the proper nouns they see throughout the text in another color. These skills help to fulfill many ELA standards, while also teaching students essential social studies concepts.

3. Rewards

Studies Weekly incorporates and online tool to motivate students through rewarding positive behavior. As students complete their reading or listening to the text, they earn virtual coins.

Studies Weekly online virtual coins

Students can then redeem these coins to buy items for their Explorer avatar.

Studies Weekly online explorer


Many of the reading sections also include a crossword that reviews vocabulary from the reading, and/or MisSpilled — a game that helps students identify misspelled and correctly spelled words. As they complete these activities, they earn more coins as well.

Studies Weekly online crossword puzzle assessment Studies Weekly online game Misspilled

4. Assessments

Students can take formative and summative assessments through their Student Account online. The weekly reading sections prepare students for the ready-made questions at the end of the unit.

To help students with test-taking skills, the assessments utilize a variety of question types: drag and drop, fill in the blank, true or false, multiple choice, etc. These assessments align with the standards for each state.

Studies Weekly online student assessments below article

To administer assessments to your students, just go into your Teacher Account and activate the test for the section you are working on.

5. Google Classroom Integration

The Studies Weekly online platform is integrated with Google Classroom, and with just a few clicks, you can assign articles, images or videos to your students

The Google Classroom icon is on the Studies Weekly platform at the article, audio, image and video level, and it works individually with every digital source.

Studies Weekly online Google classroom integration

Teachers can assign a single video, image, article or assessment to students. You can also assign Crosswords and MisSpilled to students as well.

The assignments will then show in your students’ Google Classroom stream.

Studies weekly online videos in google classroom stream

To learn more about using this integration, read our article about Google Classroom.

6. Online Learning Progress Tracking

Upon logging in, students can easily track their own progress. They can quickly see which units and articles they still need to read and which tests they need to take. This gives them more autonomy over their own learning.

Studies Weekly online student progress

7. Bilingual Content

English Language Learners make up a large population of our nation’s schools. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Spanish is the primary language spoken at home for 3.7 million students in grades K-12 throughout the United States.

Studies Weekly provides online reading sections and assessments in Spanish for certain states, including Florida, Texas and California. These can be purchased in addition to, or in place of, the English versions, depending on your school’s need.

Student Accounts and Learning

Differentiating instruction for the variety of learners in your classroom can be difficult. Using Studies Weekly Student Accounts is one way to present information in diverse ways, and cater to your students’ unique personalities and learning styles.

To set up your Student Accounts, register or login to Studies Weekly Online

For instructions on adding students, visit our support page about Student Accounts

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