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How Is the New Studies Weekly Online Different from the Old One?


Studies Weekly Online 3.0 is a completely revised online learning platform and is more user-friendly, built with teacher feedback, and ready for digital-first learning. Because it is similar to popular LMS platforms, you will find it easier to find lesson plans, videos, and activities in a design that appeals to all student learning styles.

What’s new for you at

    • A layout built around classrooms, not publications
    • Easy-to-access Teacher materials
    • Options to create custom assignments
    • Ability to host multiple classrooms
    • Improved Co-Teacher functionality

The legacy website is available until July 31 while you get familiar with these features, but Summer School will only be on the new platform. Everyone will start the 2022-2023 school year using Studies Weekly Online 3.0.

To Create a Classroom:

    1. On the left navigation bar click Classes tab
    2. To Create a Classroom, click the green ‘+’ symbol
      1. Select classroom image
      2. Enter class name
      3. Select grade
      4. Select subject(s)
      5. Choose school start date (default is August 1)
      6. Choose school end date (default is June 30)
    3. Click Continue
    4. Assign Publications (or do later)
      1. Click on publication image
    5. Click Continue
    6. Add Students (or do later)
      1. Enter student first and last name
      2. Password and Username is automatically generated, and can be changed later.
    7. Click Create Classroom

Transferring Over Student Information

Rostered accounts:
Due to the complexities of rostering, those using Clever, Classlink, or other third-party systems will continue with their original link and upgrade upon rostering for the 2022-2023 school year.

Manually created accounts:

    1. In blue menu bar select the Classes tab
    2. Select or create the classroom where you want to add students
    3. Click on the People page for that classroom
    4. From the ‘more options’ icon, select Transfer Student

Studies Weekly 3.0 transfer student Studies Weekly 3.0 transfer 

      1. Enter student Username and Password
      2. Click Transfer
      3. Repeat for each student
        1. Usernames and passwords must match the current student log in information before you can transfer each one
        2. The student will appear in the previous teacher’s classroom until that teacher has removed the student from their class
        3. Student Progress data will not transfer over to Studies Weekly Online 3.0

Once you’ve transferred your class over, students can check out Studies Weekly Online 3.0, using Students log in with the same credentials they use on Legacy Studies Weekly Online.

More How-To’s

You can find step-by-step guides on how to implement Studies Weekly 3.0 into your instruction at

Studies Weekly Online 3.0 how-to's

Click here to check out Studies Weekly Online 3.0!

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