We are happy to support educators during this time of remote learning with open access to Studies Weekly Online, and we are impressed with the creative ways teachers are reaching out and teaching their students.

In this time of flux, though, we ask that all who are using our curriculum remember that it is protected intellectual property.

As a business, we have paid partnerships so that we may use many of the primary source images, videos, and documents within our content and curriculum. Just as we must abide by those organizations’ intellectual rights policies, we respectfully ask you to do the same.

While we prefer you use our content and curriculum within the Studies Weekly Online platform and through Google Classroom, Canvas, and other third-party integrations, we understand the need of some educators to creatively address their students’ individual needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to various district requests, we have provided the 2020 COVID-19 Intellectual Rights Policy, which grants educators temporary permission to printed materials, audio, video, and online content.

Educators may use Studies Weekly curriculum materials in online lessons and read-alouds outside of Studies Weekly Online and its integrations under the following guidelines and conditions:

1. Online videos of lessons and read-alouds should be
delivered to your students through a closed platform that
has restricted access. If you are unable to limit access,
we prefer that the content be placed on your school or
district site, rather than more publicly available platforms,
such as social media, YouTube, or public television.

2. Each shared item, lesson, or reading must be presented
“with permission from Studies Weekly” at the beginning of
every video and end with “permission to record or duplicate
this content is denied.”

3. Before posting such content, you must email
support@studiesweekly.com with your name, state, city,
district, and school and a brief description of the product(s)
you are using and how it is being delivered online or a
link to where it is posted.

These permissions are only in effect for a limited time to support student learning during school closures. Access to these resources must be disabled, and any intellectual content stored outside of Studies Weekly be destroyed, by the end of this school year or no later than July 1, 2020, whichever comes first.

Educators who use Studies Weekly materials should agree to abide by the terms and conditions above.

The full policy is also available as a PDF and on our website.

Need help understanding more about Studies Weekly Online integration? View our Google Classroom Integration video.

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