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Studies Weekly Online: Toggling On/Off Games and Activities

Nov. 15, 2019 • Studies Weekly

It’s time to toggle!

In response to numerous teacher requests, we’ve added the ability to toggle games on and off on Studies Weekly Online. We’re thrilled that students are engaged and excited about learning through the online games, but sometimes a few students get off task by playing the games rather than learning the content.

Now under the Classes tab, you have more control over which games and activities your students can use. When you first sign on to Studies Weekly Online and set up your classes and students, all games and activities are automatically on.

Use the following steps to toggle your preferences.

1. Select a publication

Studies Weekly Online Publications

2. Click the options menu and click the OFF button to turn assignments, games, or units off for the entire publication.

Studies Weekly Online Toggle Entire Publication

3. To turn off a unit, click on the toggle next to it. The toggle will be gray when it is turned off.

4. To turn off an article, Crossword or Misspilled assessment, click on the toggle next to it.

Studies Weekly Online Toggle Article

Our goal is that Studies Weekly print and online editions encourage, excite, and strengthen learning. These new features allow teachers to further customize the Studies Weekly experience for their students’ needs.

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