Background Knowledge:

All water that comes from the sky is considered to be precipitation.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Read the article Precipitation as a class. Have the class highlight the main idea in one color and two supporting details in another color or highlight the word “precipitation.”
  2. Give students the graphic organizer Precipitation and Temperature to work on in partners. They should:
    1. Analyze weather data on the graphic organizer.
    2. Make observations around the following questions:
      1. What do you notice about the temperature?
      2. What do you notice about precipitation?
      3. Are there any patterns?
      4. Could you predict what would happen if there was precipitation and it was 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside?
  3. Discuss patterns and predictions as a class.
  4. For an extension, have the students research the actual precipitation for your area. Have them chart the precipitation data gathered over the course of several years. Discuss what patterns they see happening over a larger time period.
  5. Optional Activity: Give students precipitation measurements for a given time period of your choice. Have them create a graph using the data provided.
    • How does the weather affect your well-being? How does it affect your mood?
    • How can the weather affect a community’s ability to meet basic needs like having enough food and water?
    • Precipitation: water falling from the sky
Let’s Write:

When have you experienced precipitation?

Materials Needed:
Precipitation and Temperature Studies Weekly Graphic Organizer
    • Article:
Studies Weekly Science Grade 3 Week 26
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Student Edition
Studies Weekly Science, Grade 3, Week 26
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