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Students looking at core or supplementary learning materials

Comprehensive vs. Supplemental Instructional Materials

Comprehensive vs. Supplemental Instructional Materials What is the difference between comprehensive and supplemental learning materials? What are comprehensive instructional materials? A comprehensive curriculum, also called core and basal, is a primary instructional resource designed for a specific content area. It is a full course that addresses all, or nearly all, of the standards and foundational…

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happy school staff

5 Ways School Leaders Can Boost Team Morale

5 Ways School Leaders Can Boost Team Morale You’ve hired a talented team to help your district increase student achievement, but how do you keep them motivated throughout the school year? Team morale refers to the enthusiasm educators have for their jobs, their pride in their schools, and their interest in increasing academic achievement, according…

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Teacher working with Studies Weekly

Getting Started with Studies Weekly

Getting Started with Studies Weekly So you’ve received your Studies Weekly blue box and you’re thinking, “Now what?” Starting a whole new curriculum can be intimidating at first, but there’s no need to fear! Getting started with Studies Weekly is easy. First things first, let’s open the boxes. Your boxes will contain the Students Editions,…

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arly childhood education

3 Reasons to Offer Early Childhood Education

3 Reasons to Offer Early Childhood Education Is early childhood education worth your school’s time and investment? A chorus of research studies says “Yes!” Early learning programs set students on the path to academic success by developing the skills they’ll need to excel in school. What is early childhood education? Early childhood education (ECE) includes…

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Teachers participate in curriculum-based professional development training

Why Teachers Need Curriculum-Based Professional Development to Improve Student Learning

Why Teachers Need Curriculum-Based Professional Development to Improve Student Learning You find a stellar curriculum that will take your district to new heights, but how do you guarantee your teachers will use it? A study published in Professional Development in Education shows that teachers implement a new program better when they receive curriculum-based professional development…

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Using tech in the classroom

Using Tech in the Classroom Wisely

Using Tech in the Classroom Wisely Technology has revolutionized the way we educate our children. Images, virtual field trips, lab experiments, and other rich media are some of the countless ways technology creates an enriched learning environment. However, some argue educators shouldn’t use technology in the classroom because it means more screen time, distractions, and…

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End of year celebration ideas for elementary students

End of Year Celebration Ideas for Elementary Teachers

After the hectic testing windows have passed, the end of the school year can be a wonderful time to celebrate camaraderie, hard work, and accomplishments. Celebrating during your final days together will leave students with stronger feelings of self-esteem, self-worth, connections, and happiness. Activities that bring everyone together to share memories and have some fun…

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Studies Weekly Science Student

New Studies Weekly Science to Spark Student Curiosity

Have you heard? Studies Weekly has created a new core K-5 science curriculum that’s fully aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and incorporates the well-known 5E model. This program more powerfully engages students by inspiring them to explore, ask questions, and solve real-world problems. Phenomenon-Based Learning The new Studies Weekly Science is highly phenomenon-driven.…

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Jewish American Heritage

Celebrating Jewish American Heritage Month

Did you know May is Jewish American Heritage Month? In 2006, President George W. Bush declared May as a time to recognize the contributions of Jewish Americans to our nation’s history and culture. The first Jewish immigrants came to America in 1654 to escape religious persecution. Although Jewish Americans faced bigotry here too, they built…

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Happy students using Studies Weekly 3.0

Studies Weekly Launches New Online Learning Platform

Studies Weekly Online 3.0 is a completely revised online learning platform and is more user-friendly, built with teacher feedback, and ready for digital-first learning. Because it is similar to popular LMS platforms, you will find it easier to find lesson plans, videos, and activities in a design that appeals to all student learning styles. What’s…

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Ways to tell if a publisher can be trusted

10 Ways to Spot a Fly-By-Night Publisher

School district leaders have a lot on their shoulders. Their decisions affect so many members of a community – parents, faculty, teachers, and most importantly, children. Choosing a proper curriculum that will support your established vision and help carry out your mission is critical. You can’t afford to risk your students’ education with a ‘fly-by-night’…

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