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K-6 Studies Weekly simplifies the integration of Social Studies with Language Arts to help teachers make a Learn to live!™ difference.

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Blended Technology Approach


Amazing Print Visuals + Great Online Media
= Unprecedented Student Engagement

Engagement leads to learning...

"Open the heart and the mind will follow."

-Ed Rickers, CEO

Thousands of online primary source media experiences linked to the weekly print versions help students Learn to ________ !
Learn to live!™


Integrating Social Studies with Language Arts saves you time for your favorite thing...



Cost-effective and shown to correlate with higher scores

  • 40% cheaper than textbooks
  • Easily updated for new standards
  • SSO, LTI, Common Cartridge, rostering via Clever, ClassLink, OneRoster, etc.

Unparalleled student engagement

  • Weekly printed student editions
  • 8000+ primary source videos, photos, etc. on free web version
  • Web-based audio read-along

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