Built for Alabama

Studies Weekly is an innovative core curriculum program designed specifically for teaching Alabama Social Studies and Science Standards. Each curriculum is:

•  Customized, with Alabama-specific content

•  Differentiated with multiple access points to learning

•  Ready for use in your literacy block to support ELA

•  Google Classroom Integrated

Packaged in engaging and easy-to-use periodicals that make learning fun at an affordable price.

Studies Weekly's Natalia

Alabama State-Adopted Social Studies for K-6

The Alabama State Board of Education has extended their adoption cycle three more years, while also allowing us to update the Alabama Social Studies curriculum. The updated materials more closely align to Alabama’s Course of Study standards.

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Alabama K-5 Explore Science: Encourage Students to Investigate

Fully aligned with the Alabama Content Standards, incorporating the Engineering Design Process, and based on the 5E Model, this interactive curriculum is built to inspire the next generation of innovators.

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Health & Wellness

A Tier 1 PreK–6 Health curriculum that helps students develop physical, mental, social, academic, and emotional wellness skills.

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Foundational reading and preparation for Kindergarten
Preschool Curriculum
4 weeks of innovative ELA learning
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Kirby Weaver

Alabama Regional Manager

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