Studies Weekly Online!

Get ready for a completely NEW online learning experience

Studies Weekly Online Learning Platform

Get ready for a completely NEW online

learning experience.

Studies Weekly Online!

Get ready for a completely NEW online learning experience.

Designed similar to Canvas for a


User-friendly, built with teacher feedback, and ready for digital-first learning, so you can begin using it instantly
Studies Weekly online dashboard


Helps you navigate the online learning platform between classes, publications, and students
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Updated online learning platform navigation makes it easier to manage students and assign articles, videos, and assessments

Using Studies Weekly Online Learning Platform

How to Create Assignments

Creating an Assignment

  1. Click Create Assignment icon Screen_Shot_2022-03-22_at_09.42.37.png
  2. Enter assignment title
  3. Enter assignment instructions
  4. Select a due date (default date is one week from creation date)
  5. Select a due time
  6. Click the + Add Question button
  7. Select question type or item to add to the assignment
  8. Fill out all fields for selected question or item
  9. Click + Add Question to add another question or item
  10. Repeat for each question or item you want added to the assignment
  11. Click Create to finish creating an assignment

How to Create a Classroom

Create a Class

  1. On the left side navigation bar, click the Classes tab
      • Click on the green plus symbol to create a classroom
  1. Create a ClassroomSelect a classroom image
      • Enter classroom name
      • Select classroom grade
      • Select subject(s)
      • Choose the start date for the school year (default date is August 1)
      • Choose the end date for the school year (default date is June 30)
      • Click Continue
  2. Assign Publications (this step can be skipped and done later)
      • Click on the publication image to select the publication
      • Click Continue
  3. Add Students (this step can be skipped and done later)
      • Enter student’s first and last name
      • Password and Username will be automatically generated, and can be changed later.
      • Click Create Classroom

How to Add Students

people tab

    • Enter student first name
    • Enter student last name
    • Enter student username
    • Enter student password
    • Password criteria:
      • A lowercase letter
      • A capital (uppercase) letter
      • A number
      • Minimum of 5 characters
    • Click Create

2. Create Multiple Students

    • To add students, type in or copy and paste each student on a new line.
    • Usernames and passwords will automatically be generated but can be changed later.

3. Add students using a classroom join code

    • Students who already have an account can login and be added to your classroom using the classroom code you provide them.
    • Join codes can be found in the classroom subnav bar below the classroom name.

How to Assign Publications

Manage Publications

  1. On the Account overview page click on the most recent classroom or, on the left side navigation bar, click the Classes tab and select a classroom.
  2. Click the Add PublicationAccess icon Screen_Shot_2022-04-01_at_07.06.23.png
  3. In the Add Publication Access modal, select the publication(s) you want to add to the classroom.
  4. Click on the blue Add Publication Access bar.
  5. Click Add

Reports Tab

Reports Video
For more information on how to use Studies Weekly Online refer to our Knowledge Base.

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