Money for Studies Weekly

How to Find Funding for Purchasing Studies Weekly

Studies Weekly materials are some of the most affordable out there.

From our printing processes to editorial calendaring, we do everything to keep our production costs low. We want teachers and schools to have standards-based social studies and science curriculum materials at as low a price possible.

That said, many educators don’t get as much school funding as you want, and often pay for school supplies out of your own pocket. To help you find the funding you need, we’ve put together a list of fundraising ideas.

1. PledgeCents

Studies Weekly partnered with PledgeCents in 2017 to give teachers easier access to increased classroom fundraising opportunities. PledgeCents is a very low-cost crowdfunding platform for teachers, and boasts more than $1.5 million dollars in donations that have helped educators and education-related projects.

As a Studies Weekly educator, it’s quick and easy to get started with PledgeCents. Just head over to PledgeCents and fill out your information, share your story, and start spreading the word.

2. Grants

There are many grants available to educators — and money is available for everything from professional development to curriculum purchases. We list a number of grants and other fundraising sources on our funding page at

Of course, with these, you do have to put in the writing time. But you can do it!

For a useful grant-writing how-to, check out the NEA’s Writing Tutorial.

3. Classful

Classful is dedicated to helping teachers get funding for whatever education supplies they need. Teachers can create a profile and an explanation of their needs, and all donated funds go directly to them as they arrive. Unlike other platforms, Classful acts as a payment service, and teachers receive their funds regardless of what the money is going towards.

4. Adopt a Classroom

Adopt a Classroom is similar to Classful, but on a broader scale. Again, teachers share information about who they are and the items or programs they are hoping to raise funds for. Businesses and private citizens adopt their classroom and donate money that the teacher can then use to shop.

5. DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is a well-known crowdfunding site. Teachers can post about specific classroom supplies they need and set a donation goal. Once they reach their target goal, DonorsChoose then fulfills the order for teachers.

Be aware that each crowdfunding site listed above has its own fee processes.

Studies Weekly knows when teachers have the funds they need, (and really, even when they don’t, in some cases) they can change lives. For more ideas, visit

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