Looking for how Studies Weekly fits with federal funding?

We align with Title I, Title II, Title III, Title IVB, and ESSER
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Title I funds are broadly used to help students meet state standards.

  • Use Studies Weekly as a core curriculum
  • As a digital or print supplement to existing program as an intervention tool
  • For RTI during ELA

Title II funds are used to improving teacher and principal quality.

  • Provide in-person or virtual PD from expert Studies Weekly trainers
  • Data-driven, content-specific, and focused on the classroom

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Title III funds help schools supplement their language instruction programs.

  • Use Studies Weekly’s Spanish articles and videos, and as a supplemental digital program for ELLs
  • Use Studies Weekly’s online audio reader during ELA

Title IV, B funds increase access to before- and after-school programs.

  • Use Studies Weekly technology for academic remediation and tutoring during before- and after-school programs
  • Use in learning centers for SEL

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Districts have flexibility with ESSER funds, can use them to address learning loss.

  • Use Studies Weekly Social Studies, Science, or Well-Being materials to address learning loss
  • Use in Summer programs or for after-school learning

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