Students can use our core curriculum in a student-friendly periodical format and robust online learning platform anytime, anywhere.

• Deeply aligned to state standards and frameworks

• Multiple access points to learning

• Organized through themes

• Supports Language Arts

• Culturally relevant, post-2020 equity lens

Studies Weekly's Natalia

Illinois Social Studies Samples

Fully aligned to Illinois Social Science Standards.

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Engage ALL K-5 students in SCIENCE Curriculum

2 NEW Studies Weekly Science core programs. Choose which curriculum will fit your students. Both will inspire the next generation of innovators.

Explore Science: Encourage Students to Investigate

Explore Science, Studies Weekly’s newest K-5 Science curriculum, is built for the future of science instruction. Fully aligned with NGSS to encourage student-driven learning, but not overwhelming for teachers.

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Studies Weekly Science: Support Wonder and Literacy

Phenomenon-based, aligned with national and state frameworks, with extensive non-fiction and informational text practice to support ELA.

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A SEL Curriculum that strengthens you and your students

Our social emotional learning program, Well-Being, is CASEL-Aligned to help you teach and support SEL in the classroom or remote.

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Foundational reading and preparation for Kindergarten
Preschool Curriculum
4 weeks of innovative ELA learning
ELA curriculum


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Illinois Regional Manager

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