Completely New State-Adopted for 3rd Grade aligned with South Carolina State Standards

Your 3rd Grade curriculum was adopted by the South Carolina Department of Education, and includes improvements based on local educator feedback.

• Unit 1:  Map Skills and Earth’s Features
• Unit 2:  Environment and People
• Unit 3:  Exploration and Migration
• Unit 4:  Natural Disasters
• Unit 5:  Culture Unit 4 Natural Disasters
• Unit 6:  Economy

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K-5 Completely updated!

In addition to the state-adopted 3rd grade core curriculum, K-2 and 4-5 was designed specifically for South Carolina, and updated and aligned to the SCCCR Social Studies Standards. It was recently adopted as a supplemental.

•  More deeply aligned to standards and latest frameworks

•  More comprehensive, up from 32 to 36 units

•  Culturally relevant

•  Follows Grades 3-5 Alignment Guides

•  More South Carolina-specific content

•  Multiple access points to learning

•  Language Arts ready

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South Carolina Social Studies Samples

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Engage ALL K-5 students in SCIENCE Curriculum

2 NEW Studies Weekly Science core programs. Choose which curriculum will fit your students. Both will inspire the next generation of innovators.

Explore Science: Encourage Students to Investigate

Explore Science, Studies Weekly’s newest K-5 Science curriculum, is built for the future of science instruction. Fully aligned with NGSS to encourage student-driven learning, but not overwhelming for teachers.

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Studies Weekly Science: Support Wonder and Literacy

Phenomenon-based, aligned with national and state frameworks, with extensive non-fiction and informational text practice to support ELA.

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Health and Wellness

A Tier 1 PreK–6 Health curriculum that helps students develop physical, mental, social, academic, and emotional wellness skills.

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