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New Social Studies Curriculum

June 4, 2020  ◊  By Studies Weekly

Education is evolving, and Studies Weekly is matching that change step for step. Educators need a curriculum that strengthens and supports them as they use multiple diverse learning strategies with today’s students.

Thus, we are very, very excited to announce our NEW Studies Weekly Social Studies product line. This new curriculum is based on the same format that you have come to love but is completely rebuilt from the standards up. Informed by multiple states’ standards, it aligns with the social studies strands of civics and government, geography, economics, and history. It was also designed with an inquiry lens so students engage in research-based inquiries throughout every unit.

The print and online Student Edition includes:

Print and Online Curriculum

• Complete alignment in print and online, so students learn in class, or through distance learning

• A consumable print product, so students write on, highlight, and create using the publication

• 32 weeks of original articles, photos, illustrations, and related media

• Engaging activities that allow students to explore, apply, and extend learning

• Formative and summative assessments aligned with enduring understandings, standards, and deconstructed skills

• Online game component for increased student engagement

This new curriculum makes lesson planning even easier with:

New Studies Weekly Teacher Editions• Articles and weekly issues organized into thematic units

• Lexile certified student text for greater readability, accessibility, and differentiation

• Technology leveraged to engage students in inquiry-based acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions

• Google Classroom integrated articles, images, videos, and assessments on Studies Weekly Online. are Google Classroom integrated

• A greater focus on cultural sensitivity to include indigenous peoples’ perspectives, marginalized voices, and traditionally silenced groups

Lesson plans are now organized by article for greater flexibility and differentiation. Additionally, each lesson plan includes:

• Newly written background knowledge for teachers

• Enduring understandings as scaffolded threads throughout the curriculum

• Scope and Sequence documents aligned with state standards and pacing guides

• Questions at the article, weekly and unit level that support formative and summative assessments

• Essential questions that drive the instructional strategies, resources, and assessments

Boy Using Studies Weekly Online on tablet
The future of education may look different than in the past, but Studies Weekly is uniquely suited to adapt and innovate within this transformation.

Studies Weekly continues to be:

Adaptable: Studies Weekly materials work in the classroom and for distance learning.

Consumable: Our materials are safe for you and your students. Each student truly owns it, so they can read, write on, highlight, and cut it up for hands-on learning. Since they don’t return it, you don’t have to worry about decontaminating it.

Equitable: With both print and online materials, ALL your students can continue their learning.

That’s Education. Evolved.

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