Contributors and Collaborators

We work with a variety of expert contributors and collaborators to build our curriculum so it is customized and fully aligns with your state standards.

A Sample of our Contributors and Collaborators

John Lee presenting at Studies Weekly

Dr. John Lee

Dr. John Lee is the co-author of the College, Career and Civic Life Framework for Standards in Social Studies, also known as the C3 Framework. Lee and his team developed the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) that Studies Weekly curriculum is based on.

He has authored or co-authored several books books including: Inquiry-Based Practice in Social Studies Education: Understanding the Inquiry Design Model, and Inquiry Design Model: Building Inquiries in Social Studies, and Teaching the C3 Framework; Visualizing Elementary Social Studies Methods.

He co-founded the C3 Teachers initiative. The C3 Teacher initiative is guided by John Lee (North Carolina State University), Kathy Swan (University of Kentucky), and SG Grant (Binghamton University). John, Kathy, and SG have worked as leaders and writers in the C3 Framework project and know first hand the critical role teachers play in the implementation and realization of the C3 goals and aspirations. Their work extends beyond the C3 into teacher education and preparing new teachers to tackle the challenges of teaching social studies in the 21st Century.

Mrs. Vandehoven’s class, Bishop Elementary, California

Tiffany Vandehoven’s 4th grade class recently collaborated with members of the Studies Weekly curriculum team to strengthen and amplify the voices of California’s indigenous tribes in Studies Weekly Social Studies.

Vandehoven reached out to Studies Weekly in March with letters from her students asking for more representation of Indigenous People in the California social studies content. Studies Weekly’s chief curriculum architect, Noelle Carter, was inspired by the students’ letters and worked with Vandehoven to create an inquiry research project for the class.

The plan is to bring their drafts into Studies Weekly’s production process and add them to the online product, while giving FERPA-safe credit to her class for the work.

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Our Team

Noelle Carter, Studies Weekly

Noelle Carter

Studies Weekly Chief Curriculum Architect

Dr. Noelle Carter is Studies Weekly’s Chief Curriculum Architect, and has more than 20 years of experience in digital education, both in teaching courses and developing digital courseware in reading, language, literacy, Spanish, and math.

Dr. Carter has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Brigham Young University with a library endorsement from the University of Montana, a master’s degree in writing, and a doctorate in cross-cultural education from the University of Alaska–Fairbanks.

Clayton Chamberlain, Studies Weekly

Clayton Chamberlain

Studies Weekly Chief Science Curriculum Architect

Clayton Chamberlain is Studies Weekly’s Chief Science Curriculum Architect, and has 12 years experience developing science curriculum, including: educational videos, simulations, online interactivities, and more than 60 print and digital educational products.

Clayton holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in science, with a second master’s degree in instructional technology. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction at Utah State University. 

Sally Flaherty, Studies Weekly

Sally Flaherty

Studies Weekly Director of Social Studies Curriculum

Sally Flaherty has been in the education field for over 40 years and is the Director of Social Studies Curriculum at Studies Weekly. Sally served as the Social Studies Content Advisor for 500 school districts in the Pennsylvania DOE, and as the Chairman of Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights Violations Education for Pennsylvania.

Sally has experience working with all learners from Preschool to adults. She is a nationally recognized speaker and educator for civic education and integrating Social Studies content into the elementary classroom.

Social Studies and ELA

Kelly Jeffery

Studies Weekly ELA Curriculum Director

Kelly Jeffery is ELA Curriculum Director for Studies Weekly. She has 20 years of teaching experience, both as a teacher and as an instructional coach. She has degrees in both elementary education and educational psychology. She has experience as an Acadience Mentor trainer and in Reading Recovery.

Kelly is absolutely passionate about literacy, and loves the way integrated learning can promote it.

Larissa Chase

Larissa Chase

Studies Weekly Senior Well-Being Curriculum Specialist

Larissa Chase is the Senior Well-Being Curriculum Specialist at Studies Weekly. After spending time in the classroom as a social studies teacher, Larissa moved into educational counseling. Larissa has worked in education for 19 years, as teacher, educational counselor, and athletic coach.

She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and secondary education with a social studies education emphasis, and a master’s degree in educational psychology with an emphasis in school counseling.

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