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Thank you, Texas Educators, for partnering with us to build the new Texas Social Studies curriculum!

Social Studies curriculum made for Texas with stronger TEKS alignment

•  Direct TEKS alignment with clear focus and topic for each weekly issue
•  Scope and Sequence completely redone to tightly align with TEKS
•  Assessment questions designed to reflect STAAR Reading stems
•  Additional spiraling and scaffolding of key social studies standards
•  Lexiled articles and vocabulary focus on ELAR skills
•  More Texas-specific content

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Texas Social Studies Samples

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Texas Spanish Social Studies Samples

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  • Designed specifically for Texas

  • TEKS alignment outlined in Teacher Edition

  • 5E Learning Model

  • Modest time demands

  • Formative and summative assessments

  • Integrated Claims-Evidence-Reasoning Strategies

Initial Draft Samples

Click on a grade to see a draft version of the Texas Science materials up for the state adoption.

Note: These are the Draft Samples

To see the full product up for adoption, please contact your regional sales manager or fill out this form.

A SEL Curriculum that strengthens you and your students

Our social emotional learning program, Well-Being, is CASEL-Aligned to help you teach and support SEL in the classroom or remote.

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