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Teaching Science with and without Resources Using Studies Weekly

Oct. 18, 2023 • Studies Weekly

When taught efficiently, science lessons can foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deeper understanding of the natural world. However, as educators, we often face the challenge of limited time and resources when it comes to teaching science. 

Let’s explore how to teach science with and without abundant resources, emphasizing the value of a versatile tool like Studies Weekly in both scenarios.


Teaching Science with Limited Resources

  • Leveraging Everyday Materials: Teaching science does not always require fancy equipment or high-tech resources. Everyday materials like paper, pencils, water, and measuring tools can be utilized for various science experiments and demonstrations. The Studies Weekly Science curriculum provides accessible, standards-aligned science curriculum for educators, regardless of resource constraints. Here are some easy science experiments using only everyday objects:
  • Abundant Resources Provided by Studies Weekly: When teaching science in the classroom, refer to the Teacher Edition of your curriculum pack for tips and ideas on how to adapt the curriculum for your classroom. Studies Weekly includes multimedia resources such as videos, interactive activities, and printable materials, that enhance engagement and facilitate interactive learning. Some helpful tips for utilizing Studies Weekly resources can be found in this article:
  • Utilizing Community Resources: Local museums, science centers, botanical gardens, and nature reserves often offer educational programs and activities for students. Collaborating with these organizations and organizing field trips to those locations can enhance the learning experience and provide hands-on exposure to scientific concepts. If travel isn’t an option, there are ways to bring the “field-trip” to the classroom. Among Studies Weekly resources are “virtual field trips” that enable students to learn about a location without leaving the classroom. Take a look at this article for more tips:


Teaching Science with Abundant Resources

  • Laboratory Equipment and Facilities: Access to fully equipped science laboratories allows for in-depth, hands-on experimentation and exploration, which can enhance students’ understanding and application of scientific principles. The flexibility of the Explore Science Studies Weekly curriculum allows teachers to adapt the concepts and activities based on the abundance and accessibility of laboratory equipment and facilities.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: High-tech resources such as virtual reality simulations, interactive whiteboards, and advanced software can bring abstract scientific concepts to life and provide an immersive learning experience for students. Teachers can integrate resources from Studies Weekly Online with the technology in the classroom to provide a more interactive learning environment for students.
  • Specialized Science Kits: Purchasing or utilizing specialized science kits tailored to various scientific concepts can enrich the learning process. These kits often contain materials and instructions for conducting experiments. Upon request, teachers can purchase science kits from Studies Weekly that are built specifically for each unit, and can be utilized in conjunction with lessons.

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The Role of Studies Weekly in Science Education

Studies Weekly is a valuable resource that caters to both scenarios – teaching science with limited resources and with abundant resources. When you have less resources and tools, and need a bit more reading skills practice, Studies Weekly Science works well. When you have more materials at your disposal and need an immersive science curriculum, Studies Weekly Explore Science fits perfectly. Both allow you to address NGSS requirements as well.

Both options offer several benefits that make them a powerful and versatile tool for educators. Each carefully designed curriculum presents complex scientific concepts in an age-appropriate way, encourages student exploration, and immerses children in doing science.

Studies Weekly curriculum is engaging and accessible, and always extremely adaptable to any teaching context, and can be used as a standalone resource or integrated with other materials and teaching methods.

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