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How to Make a Z Chart

Apr. 9, 2024 • By Debbie Bagley

What is a Z Chart?

Z charts are a fun and simple way for students to summarize information on a topic. They allow students to practice summarizing and communicating through writing, visuals, and speaking. They are also so easy to do and perfect for any subject!

Use this Studies Weekly Z Chart template!

How to Make a Z Chart

Read the instructions below or follow along with this video to learn how to make a Z chart!

All you need to start is a piece of paper and a pencil!

Scissors, writing materials, and Studies Weekly

1. Students start by drawing a large letter “Z” on their paper.

Paper with large letter Z

 2. Next, they write the topic or title on the top line of the Z.

Writing the title at the top of the Z

3. On the left side, they write several main points about their topic.

Writing bullet points on the Z chart

4. On the right side, they visually represent the topic! They can draw pictures or cut out pictures from their Studies Weekly publications. Studies Weekly is so perfect for this because the newspapers are purposefully consumable and each student gets their own!

Cutting out a Studies Weekly publication
Gluing visual to Z chart

5. Then, at the bottom, they write a longer summary of what they learned. If they need more space, they can write on the back of their chart.

Write a summary at the bottom of the chart

6. After completing their charts, students can take turns sharing what they learned with a partner or teacher to help them solidify their understanding.

This presentation part is especially important for our younger learners who may not be able to write full sentences yet.


When you use visual charts like these, extra bonuses come naturally! Students are more engaged and excited to learn when they get to work hands-on, and you might find that it really sparks their creativity!


There are so many fun ways to engage your students in their own learning!