Coming up with science experiments for the whole class can be challenging. That’s why we created Project Time videos where science extraordinaire, Discovery Dan, shows kids how to conduct simple lab activities while explaining the science behind them. Funny and easy to understand, these videos will make teaching elementary science easier for you and more engaging for your students.

Here is a list of our top five science experiments:

1. Solar OvenSolar oven science experiment with Discovery Dan

Did someone say pizza? In this video, Discovery Dan shows how you can use the power of the sun to make your own solar oven out of a pizza box!

2. Let’s Build a RocketProject Time video that teaches students how to build a rocket

You’ve probably heard someone say: “It’s not rocket science.” Well, this time it is. Learn some basic rocket science and help Discovery Dan make a rocket.

3. Invisible Ink

Studies weekly science experiment that teaches kids how to make invisible inkHe looks like Discovery Dan, but he’s quite possibly a secret agent — at least for the purposes of this video. Every secret agent needs special tools. Find out how to make invisible ink and secret messages in this fun Studies Weekly science experiment.

4. Magic Coins 

Studies Weekly rocket science activity for elementary studentsThere are many forces at work in the universe. Discovery Dan explains how gravity and inertia work according to Newton’s laws. Your students learn how to test these out by experimenting with quarters.

5. Vacuum Packed

Vacuum science experiment with studies weekly's Discovery DanHave you ever wondered how vacuums work? In this Project Time science experiment, Discovery Dan investigates pressure zones to figure out how his vacuum works.

For more experiments with Discovery Dan, check out our YouTube playlist, Studies Weekly for Kids, or visit our Project Time page on Studies Weekly Online. As you bring these fun activities into your classroom, your students will love when it’s time for science.

See how our NGSS-aligned K-5 Science core curriculum brings education to life by visiting our website.

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