Studies Weekly is uniquely suited to be your students’ passport to lifelong success because we’re unlike any other standards-based curriculum out there today.

In addition to Studies Weekly Online — a robust interactive platform that works within the classroom and for distance learning — our print publications are fully consumable.

What does consumable mean?

When we say “consumable,” we don’t mean your students will enjoy snacking on the curriculum at lunch.

Consumable means that every weekly publication includes learning activities your students can do right on the publication — vocabulary crosswords, writing prompts, and language arts lessons.

We design our print products to be very hands-on. When we say consumable, we mean cutting out our images for a 3D Graphic Organizer or an interactive notebook. Or highlighting facts versus opinions, directly on an article. Or circling the main idea or point of view in our informational texts. Or using our Primary Source Analysis Tool to observe, reflect, and question the source right there on the paper.

“Consumable is not a dirty word in education,” said Barbara Lane, a curriculum coordinator in California, who supports districts that use Studies Weekly. “As a matter of fact, a consumable allows students to ‘own’ the text. It allows students to do what the name suggests: consume the text and own its content.”

Studies Weekly’s consumable newspapers and magazines work well with inquiry learning strategies and project-based learning. Students can use the print and online editions for primary source research and data gathering. Then they turn around and cut up the print edition and incorporate Studies Weekly’s videos into their presentations.

“Consumables allow students to annotate, highlight, question, talk, and even Sketchnote or Booksnap the text, without penalty of having to turn the text in at the end of the year and losing the thoughts that came to mind as students closely read and tried to make meaning of the text,” she added. “Students literally have the opportunity to experience what teachers ask of their higher education students — learning techniques that help students remember, understand, apply, analyze, evaluate, and create. In other words, consumables are one way to help support students attain college and career readiness.”

Consumable = Cleaner

Lane pointed out that consumables are also taking on a “cleaner” meaning during this era of distance learning.

Studies Weekly Consumables are cleaner for COVID-19She explained that using Studies Weekly as a consumable during COVID-19 is helping teachers and students stay healthy. In many districts, students who did not have internet access had to use traditional “non-consumable” textbooks sent home by teachers. This is important and needed to be done for student learning.

But what happens when everyone returns to the classroom?

The very textbooks educational professionals handed out to their students will now be coming back to the school sites. And all of these textbooks will need to be disinfected.

But Studies Weekly printed publications do not need to be checked back in at school. Hopefully, these texts have been written on, highlighted, cut up, and made into projects.

Ideally, past grade level consumables stay in the home, Lane said, and serve as “a reference guide to refresh learning or fill in the gaps that may have been lost during this unprecedented time that COVID-19 has created for all of us, including our students.”

When you have a consumable product, the possibilities are endless.

And we’re the only standards-based, fully consumable periodical available that students can write on, highlight, and create with using the publication.

Get ready for the future of elementary education, no matter what it looks like this fall.

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