At Studies Weekly, we often tout the phrase that our product is created “by teachers, for teachers.” That’s because our staff consists of veteran teachers who know what is important to you as an educator, including strict compliance with state standards.

Process Ensures Standards Compliance

Social Studies State StandardsEach of our publications goes through a rigorous process to make sure it complies with the unique standards for your state. First, we unpack the most current state standards and determine what each piece of each standard means. Then, we look for the foundational skills, depth of learning, and content outcomes students need to meet.

One of the trickiest things about standards is knowing how to interpret them, according to Noelle Carter, Studies Weekly’s chief curriculum architect.

“If a state standard talks about people who have made important contributions to the state and nation, which people should we talk about?” Carter said. “Besides doing thorough research using good judgement, we know that we need experts who are from each state in order to give us a good perspective when we customize content.”

Carter’s team partners with educators from each state as they plan social studies publications.

“We want to represent the state’s people, history, government, culture, and economy with accuracy and attention to detail. With the help of subject matter experts, we find the stories and examples of principles that not only meet the standards, but also help students gain an appreciation for the nuances of their state,” she explained.

State Standards for Social Studies and ELA

ELA State Standards

In many schools across the country, social studies is, unfortunately, becoming a dying subject. On the other hand, English Language Arts (ELA) is still alive and well.

With Studies Weekly, teachers can cover both social studies and ELA standards for their state. Our curriculum specialists integrate state-specific language arts standards into our products to ensure your students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for standardized testing.

“We want students to be familiar with the language and practices that will help them to be successful at standardized tests, at learning through their student careers, and be prepared for college, career, and civic involvement,” Carter said.

Happy students and teachers in more than 45,000 schools across the nation prove that our curriculum can stand up to strict standards and teach your students social studies and the English Language Arts concurrently.

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